Saturday, May 15, 2010

ZONG Corporate Hierarchy SMS Service

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ZONG Corporate Hierarchy SMS

Corporate Hierarchy SMS service provides Corporate Clients the ability to manage communications across and within departments and/or regions by creating Master and Agent accounts, each with their own members and message limits. The administrator or Master Account holder can assign message limits to their agents, and also set up inter-group communication. It allows users to create and send bulk SMS’s from their PC’s or handsets using their mobile accounts (mobile credit). SMS scheduling is another extremely useful feature that allows users to schedule group SMS delivery where the SMS broadcast will happen at a specific time. Besides the ability to send SMS in English, this service can send messages in Urdu as well.

Corporate Hierarchy SMS service features:
•Make Groups
•Create Agents
•Give permission to Agents to form sub-groups
•Allow inter-group messaging and message transfers
•Assign message limits to Agents for distribution through the corporate hierarchy
•Check Group SMS Account Status (number of available messages)
•Create message templates
•View Agent statistics
•Rename Existing Group
•View All Groups
•View Group Members
•Edit Groups Members
•Schedule SMS Broadcast
•Choose SMS language (English/Urdu)
•View Sent Message(s) History
•Help about Corporate group SMS

-Rs. 0.10+t/SMS with a minimum purchase of 100,000 SMS messages
-There is no upper limit on the number of SMS messages that could be purchased
-Per SMS charges remain the same as above regardless of how many SMS messages are purchased

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