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PTCL Song Dedication & Music Station Services

Pin It PTCL Song Dedication & Music Station Services

PTCL and UFONE further present two amazing services of its kind i.e. Song Dedication & Music Station Service now accessible from PTCL landline and VFONE set. These services can really rock your world in times when you are tense at work or home or want to relax someone through Music. With it easy service mechanics you can access these services by dialing a short access code from your PTCL landline or VFONE set and can simply enjoy good music, always available through call away.

Song Dedication Service:
Through Song dedication service, selected song from six exciting categories (English, Pakistani, Bollywood, Love Classics, and Punjabi) can be sent to any number, any network in the country. The songs can be selected by simply selecting from IVR. PTCL customers will dial an access code 1011 from PTCL landline followed by UFONE Short code (888).

Music Station Service:
Music Station is a complete new musical experience for PTCL landline subscribers. Subscribers can now listen to live stream of various Radio Channels, create, edit and share your Playlist from a library of over 10,000 songs in various languages or just can listen to their favorite song moods under Jukebox category. PTCL customers will dial an access code 1011 from PTCL landline followed by UFONE short code (555).

Package Tariff:
Song Dedication: Rs 5 + tax /Minute
Music Station: Rs 3 + tax /Minute
No service subscription required.


Q1. Who can avail Voice portal Service?
Ans: All the PTCL customers can avail this service – existing and new customers

Q2. What is the service tariff?
Ans: Each service in the voice portal has different tariff. E.g. Song dedication service will be charged @ Rs5 + Tax / minute and Music station Service will be charged @ 3 +Tax /minute

Q3. How to avail this service?
Ans: There is no subscription required for this service. Subscriber just has to dial the access code for particular service and will have to follow the IVR.

Q4. What is the access code for Song dedication service?
Ans: The access code is 1011-888

Q5. What is the access code for Music Station service?
Ans: The access code is 1011-555

Q6. What is the brief IVR flow for Music Station Service?
Ans: After dialing 1011-555:

• Press 1 for ‘Radio Moods’. Radio Moods consists of live streaming from various radio channels including live MJ shows.
•Press 2 for ‘Jukebox’. User can chose from a variety of songs. The Ur Song category has been also added to this section.
•Press 3 for ‘Playlist’. User can chose from a variety of songs and create his favorite personal playlist.
•You can also create your very own playlists and download your favorite ringtones of these songs, while listening to UFONE Music Station.
•Users who have already created their playlist, they will hear the options:
– Press 1 for Playlist
– Press 2 for Radio Moods
– Press 3 for Jukebox Genres Radio Moods: Radio Moods consist of eight different channels. Channel 1 hosts live session with MJs. This channel plays music selected by jockeys and also features live celebrity interviews, live music performances and poetry.

Q7. What is the brief IVR flow for Song dedication Service?
Ans: After dialing 1011-888, you can select songs from six exciting categories just by “saying their name”. So dial and let your voice take over:


Q8. I am unable to dial the access code?
Ans: Register your complaint at 1236 Helpline. Such complaints will be forwarded to switching region to create the routing in the particular switch.

Q9. Can I get service information through my UFONE helpline?
Ans: Yes. Or by calling 1236 helpline you can get all type of information you need.

Q10. I am hearing the IVR; it says I need to subscribe for this particular service?
Ans: PTCL subscribers are exempted from any kind of subscription.

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