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Ufone UGoaL Service

Pin It Ufone UGoaL Service

The ultimate treat for every football fan! ...

...Just dial 2010 to stay in touch with the game, and win fantastic prizes.

What UGoal gives you:
Subscribe to UGoal and earn points by answering questions, and surveys. You can also get information on World Cup news and matches and earn bonus points by predicting match winners and on the overall performance of your selected favorite team.

What you can win:
Keep playing and keep winning on your daily points which means every day presents a new opportunity for winning a prize. Top players of UGoal will be eligible for Bumper Prizes.

Daily prizes:
Team T-Shirts
Wrist Bands
Other Merchandize

Bumper Prizes:
Paid trip to watch the football match of your choice, anywhere in the world
Unlimited Ufone to Ufone calls for one year (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
52-inch LCD Television

How to subscribe:
Just dial 2010 to subscribe now

2010 IVR:
Rs. 0.50+tax/minute
Re. 1+tax daily

1. How can I subscribe to Ugoal?
All Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid customers can subscribe to this offer by calling 2010.

2. What is the duration of Ugoal?
This offer is valid for the duration of the World Cup 2010 only. The World Cup will commence on 11th June and is expected to continue till 11th July. The campaign is valid for this period only.

3. What are the subscription charges?
Customers will be charged @Rs.0.50+tax/min on 2010 IVR. Daily subscription charges of Rs.1+tax apply

4. How can I earn points on Ugoal?
You can earn points by participating in questions and surveys. You can also select your favorite team and earn points on their performance in the world cup. Another way to earn points is to predict the winner of an on-going match. Bonus questions for extra points can be asked anytime during the day so make sure you spend as much time on Ugoal for a chance to earn more points. More activities to earn points will be offered on the Ugoal as the World Cup progresses.

5. Will the questions and surveys be available all the time?
No. The questions and surveys will be available twice a day. Subscribers are notified by SMS when the question is active on the Ugoal. Be sure to call 2010 and answer quickly as these questions/surveys expire after some time.

6. If I am not able to answer the questions and surveys due to disconnection or any reason, will I get points for the answered questions and surveys? Do I have the option to complete the questions at a later time?
Yes. If for some reason you were not able to answer all questions or surveys, you will have the option to complete your pending questions and surveys at a later time. The option to “Complete pending surveys and questions” will be available in the Ugoal IVR menu.

7. What prizes can I win by subscribing to FIFA 2010 IVR Game?
You can win daily prizes, based on points earned on each day, on Ugoal. These daily prizes include cinema tickets to watch FIFA matches, team t-shirts, wrist bands, and other team merchandize. This means that you can win prizes every day and spending the most time on IVR increases your chances. You can also win the ultimate Bumper Prizes based on your total points earned during the tournament. The subscribers with the highest points will win the bumper prizes which include:

1st Prize: Full expense paid trip to watch any football match anywhere in the world
2nd Prize: Free Ufone to Ufone Calls for one year (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
3rd Prize: 52-inch LCD TV

8. How can I find out my points and my ranking on the FIFA IVR Game?
You can find out your level and ranking among all subscribers by calling 2010. You can also find the difference in points between you and the subscriber with the highest points.

9. What can I do on Ugoal apart from earning points? Can I get information on the FIFA World Cup 2010?
Yes. You can get hints and information on increasing your chances of winning the daily prizes and bumper prizes. You can also listen to world cup history, news, points table, and match timings in FIFA World Cup 2010.

10. How will I know I have won a prize?
If you win a daily prize, you will be notified by a call (CLI: 333) from Ufone staff to confirm your details and address. The prize will be sent by courier to your address within a week. If you win a bumper prize, you will be notified by a call (CLI: 333) from Ufone staff to confirm your details and will be provided directions to collect the prize from the nearest Customer Service Center. For full terms and conditions regarding prizes, see information below

Terms and Conditions:
-Only subscribers of FIFA IVR service, from June 11, 2010 to July 11,2010, will be eligible to win Bumper prizes and Daily prizes. Contest will be open to both prepaid and Postpay subscribers.
-One particular user is only eligible for one of the Bumper Prizes (Bumper Prizes are: i. paid trip to watch football match ii. Unlimited Ufone to Ufone calls (fair usage policy applies) iii. 52-inch TV. )
-Winner of daily prizes is eligible to win bumper prizes
-The selection of football match as part of bumper prize #1 will have to be from football matches taking place between June 11, 2010 and June 10, 2011
-One user can win one or more daily prizes as these prizes are given on points accumulated in one day. If a subscriber has the highest points for two or more days, he/she will be eligible for daily prizes for those days.
-Winner will be responsible for all documentation and taxations of the prizes
-All relevant taxes and duties will apply on prizes
-The campaign will end on 11th July, 2010 and winners will be announced in the week after 11th July, 2010
-Prizes will not be exchangeable, transferable or redeemable in any other form for whatever reason.
-Ufone decision will be deemed final in case of any dispute.
-This promotion is not open to employees, service providers, agencies and third party staff/facilitators of Ufone or any person directly or indirectly involved in the running of this promotion.
-The website will be updated announcing the names of lucky winners.
In case of Postpay users, all dues will have to be cleared before prizes can be handed over to the winner.
-Bumper Prize Winners will be notified by phone and will be informed on how to get the prize from the nearest service center, Ufone reserves the right to draw reserve winner to substitute any winner subsequently found to be disqualified.
-Daily prize winners will be notified by phone and prizes will be delivered by courier (in case of merchandize) or sent by SMS from 'Ufone' (in case of free ringtones or music station subscription)
-Only those prepaid subscribers who have the account in their own name will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw. In case the account ownership is in somebody else’s name, a targeted subscriber may acquire ownership of the account by following the standard procedure for change of ownership and paying all the applicable cost for the process.
-Subscribers will be required to bring his/her original NIC/CNIC for prize collection at the designated Customer Service Center.
-Ufone reserves the rights to publish the winner's names for marketing campaigns or press releases.
-Prizes need to be collected within 30 days of announcement.
-Prizes shall not be exchangeable, transferable, redeemable or substituted in all cases, either whole or in part.

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