Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ZONG Lahore Unlimited! make unlimited calls in Lahore

Pin It ZONG Lahore Unlimited! make unlimited calls in Lahore

Get ready Lahore & keep your phones charged ! Now make unlimited calls without worrying about the balance or the time of the day you are calling with Lahore Unlimited!

Make unlimited calls to all your friends and family and say it all with Zong ! You are one of the largest city of Pakistan, filled with rich cultural values and we know you enjoy to be in touch with others and be with them in all situations. Through this offer Zong is offering deals of the deals to Lahorites i.e. all you can talk and in 199+tax(terms & conditions apply)*, not just this, to double the heat customers would also get an amazing SMS offer, that too unlimited for whole month, now is there a hotter offer than this??

•Offer only covers on-net calls
•Under fair usage policy customer has a monthly cap of 2500 mins.
•Under fair usage clause customer has a daily cap of 500 SMS

The diagram below shows this relationship as well.

Offer Details
All customers can avail Lahore unlimited offer, all they have to do is to send “lhr” to 522.

How to do

-All subscription will be through “lhr” to short code 522
-Unsubscription will be done by sending “unsub” to 522

This offer covers Lahore city as well as selected suburbs, to check footprint of this offer, click on the image.

Offer is valid on which packages?
Offer can be availed on all packages.

Is it possible to activate this service through 310?
No it is a subscription based service; it has to be activated by sending SMS

Can I subscribe monthly for this offer?
Yes, the subscription is on monthly basis

What is the starting date of the promotion?
Promotion is being launched from 13th June 2010.

What is the ending date for the promotion?
This will be an ongoing offer.

How long will this offer last?
This is an on going offer, till the company decides to close this offer.

Is this offer for ONNET Calls only or it includes OFFNET calls or SMS as well?
Offer valid for ON NET calls and offnet/ onnet SMS while it does not cover offnet calls.

If a customer is using Talk Free Package (Minutes Based) which offer will be availed first?
LBC offer has precedence over all other offers & free minutes.

Can customer simultaneously subscribe to 2 LBC offers:
No, customer can only subscribe to one LBC offer at a time, with last subscription being active one.

What is the difference between LBC-New cities and the prior launched LBC offers? The concept is the same but the offer is different.

If sufficient balance is available after 24 hours will the offer automatically be re-subscribed for current customers or not?
Yes, customer will be automatically subscribed after 30 days, in case of low balance customer will get a SMS.

Monthly subscription charges are Rs. 199 are the charges inclusive or exclusive of taxes?
Taxes are separate i.e. Rs. 199+tax.

What are the charges of sending an SMS on 522?
Nil. No charges. The subscription charges of Rs.199/ month + tax will be deducted.

Will this offer be applicable in Lahore city only or its surrounding area as well?
This offer is valid for Lahore city and selected surroundings, for details you can check our website or call 310.

If a customer wants to unsubscribe the offer during the promo can do so?
Yes, he can do so by sending “unsub”.

To avail this offer after subscription is it mandatory for the customer to call from the locations defined or call can be made from any location of the city?
Calls have to be made from the respective city covered by the BTS sites which are included in the promo. Calls made outside these sites will be charged as per normal tariff.

Is there any time period defined during the month to avail this offer or it can be availed anytime in a month?
No, It can be availed anytime of month.

Is it mandatory that Party B number also subscribes to this offer?
No, the party B must be on Zong network.

Is it mandatory for Party B number to be in the defined locality to avail this offer?
No, only party A has to be in the locality.

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