Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Telenor Persona bring free 100 IDD mins in Rs.100

Pin It Telenor Persona bring free 100 IDD mins in Rs.100

Telenor Persona bring new IDD bundle offer now talk freely to your business partners in GERMANY, UK, USA and CANADA free 100 mins in Rs. 100

How many IDD bundle offers are there?
There is only one IDD bundle: 100 free mins in Rs. 100

Is the bundle only available with Karobar Price plan?
No, this bundle is available with the following price plans Karobar

On how many countries is this bundle applicable?
IDD bundle offer free mins to four countries. These are; USA, Canada, UK & Germany (Only landline for Germany & UK)

Do I need to enhance my current credit limit to subscribe to IDD bundle?
Yes, if your current credit llimit is less than Rs. 2,000, then you have to enhance this to Rs. 2,000 to subscribe a bundle and if your current credit limit is equal to or more than Rs. 2,000, then additional Credit Limit required for IDD bundle is Rs. 200

Do I have to subscribe to IDD Bundle every month?
No, once you subscribe it will become part of your subscription unless you unsubscribe it

What will happen if I use more than free mins?
Minutes used over free mins will be charged as per normal rates

Can I unsubscribe to IDD bundle?
Yes, you can unsubscribe IDD bundle once your bill is generated. Call your Relationship Executive for de-activation

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