Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Warid regularly monitoring and upgrading its network

Pin It Warid regularly monitoring and upgrading its network

The unprecedented growth in the Pakistan telecommunications sector for voice services is being aggressively followed by growing demands in data services. This recent uptake has compelled telecom operators to offer new and comprehensive solutions to retain good quality network services. In this regard, Warid Telecom has been regularly monitoring and upgrading its network to keep up with the growing demands. Mobile users acknowledge Warid Telecom’s network services as most reliable and transparent; this is also evident from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s report acknowledging Warid Telecom to have the lowest consumer complaints in the year 2008-09 – a reflection of the service excellence.

Continuing to drive innovation and leadership in the telecom sector, Warid Telecom’s unparalleled network experience makes it uniquely distinguish from all other service providers. Warid is the first operator to introduce solar/green site solutions in Pakistan; a solution that reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution. The solution also reduces pressure on Pakistan's overall energy supply by utilizing alternate energy sources. In maintaining exceptional cellular network quality, Warid is the first operator to introduce dedicated In-Building Solution with active Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in Pakistan. With an exceptional cellular network and proven service excellence. Warid Telecom continues to earn customer trust and be the trend-setter in the telecommunications industry of Pakistan.

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