Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indigo Ramadan Offer call rate 50% off

Pin It Indigo Ramadan Offer call rate 50% off

Spread the blessings of Ramazan far and wide with 50% off on all Mobilink to Mobilink calls! Enjoy this special rate from 12th August to 8th September and make the most of this offer, only with Mobilink indigo - for all your todays and tomorrows.

•All customers who are on i-Initial, i-100, i-400, i-900, i-1500 and i-Unlimited (Basic+Premium) are eligible for this product
•After subscription, customers can make calls at 50% discounted rate from 5 PM to 12 AM.
Subscription Mechanics:

•Customer will call at 111 to subscribe to the product
•Customers will be charged onetime nonrefundable fee of Rs. 40 upon subscription.
•Standard Government taxes apply to the above mentioned charges

1.How can I subscribe to this offer?
All indigo customers can subscribe to this offer by dialing 111.

2.What is the duration of this offer?
This offer is valid from 12th August to 8th September 2010. The discount Offer is valid for this period only.

3.What are the subscription charges?
One-time subscription charges for this offer are Rs. 40.

4.Is this subscription charge same for all indigo packages?
Yes. The subscription charge of Rs. 40 is same across all indigo packages

5.How soon will be the offer available for use after I have subscribed to it?
The offer will be available after 2 hours of subscription.

6.Can I change my package plan during this promo?
Yes, you may change your package plan at any given time. It will have no impact on the available offer. However, the 50% discount on call rates will be applicable as per your respective tariff plan.

7.What subscription amount will be charged if I subscribe to this offer on 20th August?
PKR 40 will be charged independent of the subscription date.

8.If I subscribe to this offer on 20th August, will I get a 50% discount on previous on-net calls made after 8th September?
No. The discount will be applicable on the calls made after the subscription.

9.Is this offer available with all indigo price plans?
Yes. All commercial i-price plan (i-Initial, i-100, i-400, i-900, i-1500, i-Unlimited [Basic+Premium]) customers can avail this offer.

10.What are the discounted tariffs under this offer?
The discounted tariffs are depicted in the table below

11.Can I avail these discounted call rates at any time of the day?
This discount will be available from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. only

12.Is this discount applicable on off-net calls also?
No. The discount is applicable on On-net calls only. (Mobilink to Mobilink calls)

13.If I have subscribed to i-talk also, how will my usage be charged during i-talk time window?
1000 free minutes of iTalk will be consumed first and then a 50% discount on On-net calls will be applied.

14.Is this offer applicable on FnF also?
No. FnF numbers are excluded from this offer. No discount will be given to customers on F&F numbers.

15.Is the promo duration linked with the subscription date?
No. The promotion runs from 11th August to 8th September and is independent of the subscription date.

16.Will my free minutes also get adjusted if I make a discounted call during the time window specified in the promo?
Your free minutes will be consumed first and then the discount will be applicable to these calls.

17.I am a club indigo customer currently availing CUG Discount. Can I also avail this discount?Yes, all club indigo members can avail this discount. This discount will be applied on CUG call rates and will be applicable on on-net calls only.


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