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Ufone Double Number Sim Service

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There is so much to manage in life already that having to manage different mobiles or SIMs for work,

...personal use or any other reason is not something that you really look forward to. For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone has come up with a breakthrough technology of Double Number service.

Finally you do not need to carry two mobiles or SIMs with this service you will get a virtual number on your original number. Meaning two numbers on one SIM. With Double Number you can switch off your business number while keeping your other number open for family and friends or simply operate two businesses with one SIM.

How to use this service:
Subscribing to this service is simple. There are multiple ways to subscribe to this service:

-Send SUB to 660
-Dial *66# from your Ufone number

Once you subscribe to the service the system will randomly select an idle number from Double Number inventory. An SMS will be sent to your number:

“Your Double Number is 033XXXXXXXX. Charges Rs.30 + Tax / Month. Please dial 66 followed by any number and make calls from your Double Number.”
Now you can make calls and send SMS from your assigned Double Number instantly by dialing 66 before the number you are calling or sending a message to.

Example: if your assigned Double Number is 03335100011 and you want to make a call to 03331234567 you will dial 6603331234567. The receiver will receive the number from 03335100011.
Similarly to send an SMS to 03331234567 you will write the SMS and send it with the prefix “66” i.e.

Type message: “How are you?” and send it to 6603331234567. The receiver will receive the SMS from 03335100011.
Both users can talk to each other whereas billing will be done to primary number on per minute basis.
If 03331234567 want to make call or SMS to 03335100011, user will simply dial 03335100011 and the call/SMS will be routed to 03335100012 (the primary number).

Additional features of the service are as follows which can be accessed through IVR 660:

-Users can switch off/on their Double Number any time or for specific time period.
-Bar a Caller - You will not receive calls from selected number on your Double Number.
-Bar All Callers - All incoming calls on Double Number will be blocked
-Unblock All Callers - All incoming calls on Double Number will be allowed
-Unblock a Caller - You will start receiving calls from number that you blocked.

Why you must have it:
There are so many reasons that this service is a must have. Few of them are:

2 numbers in 1 SIM: No need to carry two handsets or switch between SIMs, makes operating 2 numbers at one time very easy.

Have separate official and personal numbers: Keep you personal number always on, and switch off your business Double Number after office hours and enjoy uninterrupted quality family time.

Maintain your Privacy and Security: If you have to give your number to someone you do not want to receive calls from after a certain time period; you can always just give them your double number. You can also use your Double Number to call unknown numbers if you don’t want everybody to know your primary number.

Double Numbers for Double Businesses: If you require 2 numbers for your business, you can do so on the same SIM

Separate Friends Circles: While your family and close friends are in touch with you on your primary number, you can give your acquaintances your Double Number which you can switch off at any time.

It's hard to avoid you now: If you are trying to reach someone who is intentionally not taking your calls or responding to your messages, a call from a new Double Number might do the trick.

Screen unwanted calls: You can maintain a block list for on your Double Number, if you do not wish to receive calls of SMS from certain numbers.

Get a second number without the hassle: Get a new number for yourself without losing important messages or contacts from your device and revert to your original number whenever you feel like it. This way you can easily maintain 2 numbers without the hassle of multiple bills, networks, mobiles or even SIMs

Subscription Charges:
Rs.30+Tax/Mon (Re.1+Tax/Day from next month)
Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net): Rs. 1.30+Tax per Minute
SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net):
660 IVR Charges: Re. 1+Tax/Minute

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get a Double Number? How much will be additional subscription cost?
By simply dialing 660 or *66# you can get a Double Number against your one Ufone number.
Double Number Subscription Charges will be Rs.30/month.

Can I buy more then one Double Number?
Only one Double Number can be allotted to one customer.

When I receive a call using my Double Number, how do I know the inbound caller is calling on my virtual number?
When you receive a call, 66 pre-fix will be visible before the number (6603335720085), so the subscriber will know that inbound call on Double Number.

How do I call from my Double Number?
Dial a pre-fix 66 before any number (6603335720085) in order to make calls from your Double Number.

When someone dials my Double Number, what number appears on their phone bill?
Your Double Number appears on their phone bill; your personal number remains anonymous.

Will my phone work as normal with its regular number?
Yes, your phone will continue to work as usual unless someone calls your virtual number you make call with 66 pre-fix.

What number shows up on my Double Number phone bill?
The billing will be done on primary number but you can see the call records of Double Number as well in the bill.

How do I get customer support?
Dial 333 or visit www.ufone.com

How do I cancel my account?

To unsubscribe from your account, just dial “660” and unsubscribe from there

Can you explain the pricing of your Double Number Service?
Customers who sign up for our Double Number service are required a monthly fee of Rs.30 (+ tax). This gets you another Ufone’s phone mapped to your primary number. Call from Double Number will be charged at Rs.1.30 +Tax

Are there any other costs associated with my Virtual Number bill?

How do I send an SMS message?
You can enter a text message and send out to any mobile number just like you would from your regular chat / SMS function on your phone but the caller ID shown to the other party would be your Double Number and NOT the primary phone number. Just need to add a pre-fix 66 before the number (6603335720085).

Do I have to install any device?
No, a big difference between our systems is that, you don’t need to install complicated devices and configure them; you just follow the IVR instructions.

How long will I own the assigned phone number?
Once assigned Double Number will remain with the user for good and users cannot change their Double Number

Can I block the incoming calls on certain hours?
Yes you can block all calls in certain time ranges and/or days of the week. You can turn off/turn on your Double Number any time through 660 IVR.

Who can use the service?
Service will be available for both prepaid and post-pay users.

Can I make international calls and SMS from my Double Number?
International calls & SMS from double number will not be allowed.

Do we need to go to service centres for buying a Double Number?
Since Double number will be attached with active primary number hence customer’s record will also be available in our system. Customer’s NIC or Passport Number is not required for the activation. Customer does not need to visit any Ufone service centre or franchise to obtain the DN.

Can I transfer balance from my Double Number?
Balance transfer is not possible through Double number, as it will only be used for CLI purpose.

Can I use SMS/Voice Buckets on my Double Number?

Can I port-out my Double Number?
You cannot port-out your Double number. Only your primary number can be ported out and then your Double Number will automatically become idle.

Can I use other VAS on my Double Number?
Other VAS cannot be used on Double Number.

Terms and Conditions:
-Service will be available for both pre-paid and post-pay users.
-Users can get a Double number through an SMS/IVR & USSD.
-Only one Double number can be mapped against one primary number.
-Double Number will be provided to Ufone customers from an inventory, which is specifically reserved for this service.
-Billing will be done on Primary number only. Service is not designed for Incoming/Outgoing international roamers.
-International calls & SMS from double number will not be allowed.
-Double Number will be assigned against the primary number. Assigned MSISDNs will not be available for anyone else.
-Since Double number will be attached with active primary number hence customer’s record will also be available in Cares. Customer’s NIC or Passport Number is not required for the activation. -Customer does not need to visit any Ufone service centre or franchise to obtain the DN.
-Balance transfer is not possible through Double number, as it will only be used for CLI purpose.
-Users can’t avail SMS and voice buckets on Double Number.
-Users having SMS buckets will be charged Rs.0.50/SMS for each sms they will send to Double Number.
-Users cannot port-out their Double number.
-Double number will automatically become idle after 6 months once the primary number port-out.
-If user has voice & SMS bucket & makes call or send SMS from DN then will be charged as per DN charges.
-Other VAS services cannot be used through DN.


Bilal Sarwari said...

i still not understand why ufone promoting these kind of services? it only can be used to make people fool nothing more, its disadvantages are more, I hope PTA will take any strong action against this

cookie said...

this is a great service thanks ufone saad pindi 29/08/2011


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