Friday, September 24, 2010

Mobilink Stock Pro Service

Pin It Mobilink Stock Pro Service

StockPro offers the ability for live-view of your stocks* and if you have a trading account with IGI Securities, it allows you to trade as well.

The concept of Stock Pro has been designed to enable the customers to remain connected to Stock Exchange via Blackberry or any other Java enabled mobile device, whether in office or out, or on the move.

Details are as follows:

•Jazz or Indigo Customer
•Any mobile phone with GPRS & Java support and MIDP v2.0 & above
•GPRS subscription
•Account with IGI Securities for Trading

Quote Request:
•An option by which users can request any symbol rate and related market information.
•The quote symbol could be any symbol not part of the subscribed list.
Change Subscription List

•Users can add or remove any symbol from the subscription list.
•While adding a symbol, application will not permit to exceed the subscription limit which is up to 10 scripts at a time.
•Users can remove any symbol from the subscription list by pressing removing button.

Volume Leader Screen

•Users can view the top 10 market leaders by volume at any given time.
Top Gainers/Losers Screen

•Top Gainers Losers Screen displays top 5 gainers and top 5 losers of current market.

Help Screen
•Help screen includes description of entire Screens in Stock pro application.

Change Password Screen
•User can change password at any time by providing the old password

Subscription Mechanics
Customers will be required to send an SMS to a designated short code for requesting service subscription. (GPRS is a mandatory requirement for this service.)

1.The customer will send SMS
to the short code 4442.
2.Then the customer will receive two SMS in return:
1.Download Link of the application along with User ID and Password
2.Information SMS informing him/her that IGI’s CS Representative will contact him/her shortly
3.Customer will be informed of a 10-day free trial in the same SMS
3.Customer will download the application and login using the credentials provided earlier
4.Application will request customer to enter his CNIC for verification purposes (one-time only). Once entered, customer will be taken to the main screen where he would be able to view live stock feeds
5.For trading, customers will be required to first open an account with IGI. For this purpose, a visit to an IGI branch will be mandatory.
6.After 10 days of trial period, customer will receive an SMS from short code 4443 to renew the subscription by replying to that SMS. This subscription will be charged as per charging mentioned below.

Un-Subscription Mechanics
•Customer will send “UNSUB” to 4442
•Customer will receive an SMS informing him that his subscription has been terminated


•Subscription is free for first ten (10) days as trial. After the trial period, the subscription will be charged at Rs.20 + Tax per month.
•SMS is charged as per package plan
•Standard GPRS charges apply for data upload and download

Note:All Prepaid and Postpaid customers can use this application.
*for Karachi Stock Exchange only!

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