Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zong Fast 50 Offer

Pin It Zong Fast 50 Offer

Zong now brings Fast-50, a special package rewarding subscribers with fabulous tariff discounts each time on usage on any network!

Fast-50 is an innovative Package offering a solution to reward our subscribers with instant & guaranteed discounts upon increasing their usage and offering tariff as low as Rs 0.5/30 sec on any network!

With the Fast Fifty package, everyone can enjoy calling at the lowest and the best calling rates offered so far in the industry. All you need to do is keep on calling and accumulate usage.

The service is simple! The more the minutes consumed the lesser the calling rates become. The subscriber needs to make calls worth 50 minutes (30 sec charging) and he will be given discount on his calling rate. Hence, the next call that he makes after meeting the criteria will be on a discounted rate. Upon receiving each discount you will be notified via SMS.

Fast 50 is a package that will offer true value to you!

Tariff slabs of the Package - ANY NETWROK! ANY TIME!

* Charging is per 30 seconds
*All prices are subject to tax

How it works
The package can be subscribed by the following ways:

•# Dial *904# or
•Write 'sub' and send to 904
Terms& conditions
•The charging is on a 30 second pulse.
•You can enjoy the discount after one hour of meeting the criteria on billable minutes.
•Discount will be applicable till one calendar month. After completion of the month the counter will be reset

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