Friday, November 26, 2010

Zong free balance 100 pe 100 offer

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ZONG present 100 pe 100 new free balance offer.

With Zong it’s as simple as 1 + 1, Rs. 100 means Rs. 200 ! yes, double your balance on every recharge, Zong now brings a ground breaking offer which doubles your balance on every recharge !

With the 100 pai 100 offer Zong customers will be able to receive a 100% free balance on every load of a 100+.

•The balance will have an expiration date of three days i.e. the free balance can be used within three days.
•The balance can be used to make on net and off net phone calls only with off net calls restricted to 20% of the total bonus balance
•Extra incentive: customers that load a balance of more than a Rs1000 will receive a cash bonus of a Rs 100 which may be used for other services besides phone calls. This bonus is on top of the 1000 balance that the customer will receive.

What is the start date of this offer? Which customers are entitled to avail this offer?
This promo starts on 20th November 2010, and is applicable to all prepaid customers.

What if I recharge through Miniload?
Customers may load through any mode of recharge, Scratch Card or Miniload.

How do I subscribe to this promo?
There is no need for subscribing; the bonus will automatically be updated ounce there is a new recharge.

What are the different types of rewards that I can get with this offer?
•On a total loading of Rs.100 or more in a calendar day, you will get 100% extra balance in the form of Free Minutes. These minutes will be rewarded on multiples of Rs.100.
•On a total loading of Rs.1000 or more in a calendar day, you will get Rs.100 extra recharge in the form of normal cash balance.
If I load a balance of Rs.150, how much bonus will I receive? What if I load Rs.200?
On loading Rs.150, you will get Rs.100 worth of balance, in the form of free minutes. For loading of Rs.200, your bonus amount will be Rs.200.

What will be the validity of free minutes in case I recharge five scratch cards of Rs.100 denomination in the same date?
It will remain 3 days.

What’s the expiry of Rs. 100 Free Balance which the customer receives upon recharging Rs.1000 or more?
The balance will be added to the customer’s normal wallet, and will not have any effect on balance validity.

Can I use the extra recharge for SMS or other VAS related services?
No, the extra balance can only be utilized on voice calls.

Can I use the extra balance to make Off-Net calls?
Yes, 20% of the balance can be used to make Off-Net calls while 80% can be used to make On-Net calls.

Will I be able to make international calls?
No. Only On-Net & Off-Net calls within Pakistan.

If I am already on a package like 12 Aanay, how many minutes will be rewarded to me if I load Rs.100? How will these minutes be consumed?
•Free minutes will be rewarded as per your base package, and will also be consumed as per your base package & pulse.
•On 12 Aanay package, you will receive 53 On-Net and 13 Off-Net minutes, which will be consumed as per 30 second pulse. A detail of the different scenarios is given as follows:

What benefit will I receive if I recharge a balance of Rs 1500?
For every multiple of Rs.100, you will receive a balance of Rs.100 in the form of minutes, AND you will also get extra cash balance of Rs.100 for loading Rs.1000+. Hence a recharge of Rs.1500 will get you Rs.1500 extra balance (in the form of minutes) and additional Rs.100 cash balance.

Can the free balance be transferred through Yari load?
•No, free balance on loading multiples of Rs.100 can only be used for voice calls & won’t be transferable.
•However, Rs.100 extra balance on Rs.1000+ recharge will be treated as normal balance (and may be consumed for any sort of usage, including Yari Load).
How long will the posting take after recharge?
•Customers whose loading in a calendar day crosses Rs.100 benchmark (or its multiples) will receive free balance (in the form of minutes) in real-time. During the peak hours, posting could take 2-3 hours. These free resources can be checked by sending an SMS “p” to 102.
•Rs.100 extra cash balance on loading of Rs.1000+ will be posted at day-end, and will be added to normal balance wallet of the customer.

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