Friday, December 31, 2010

Djuice Bol Jiggar Bol offer add 15 fnf

Pin It Djuice Bol Jiggar Bol offer add 15 fnf

The What....
Djuice has always been at the forefront of catering to what the Pakistani youth needs. To help you constantly keep in touch with your friends and family, Djuice now gives you the biggest and most diverse portfolio of Friends and Family numbers in the industry. With this offer you will now be able to fully customize your FNF portfolio according to your needs, and use up to 15 fnf numbers whether off net, on net or international - customizable according to your requirements.

To ab chalao apni marzi, ad karo on net, off net ya international - aur 15 fnf say Bol Jiggar Bol!!!

The How…
Dial 555 and press 4 to add your Friends and family numbers

6,7 and 8 slot number is going to be 16th and 17th and 18th fnf number and night offer valid on only on-net and off-net charge Rs.1 per minute in case you add in fnf

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