Monday, December 13, 2010

IMEWE submarine cable launched for Commercial use

Pin It IMEWE submarine cable launched for Commercial use

Milestone: 13000 kilometer of the most advanced fiber optic submarine cable travel through 3 continents to interconnect South Asia to Western Europe 10th Dec, 2010: A consortium of nine partners comprising of leading global telecom operators, announced today the completion and commercial launch of a high-capacity, state of the art fibre-optic submarine cable that stretches from India to Europe. The 13000 kilometers long three pair fiber optic cable named IMEWE (India- Middle East- Western Europe),has a design capacity of 3.84 terabits per second, and is also the most advanced cable connecting India in South Asia to Italy and France in Western Europe via the Middle East with landings enroute in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon.

The IMEWE consortium comprises of nine major telecom companies: Bharti Airtel (India), Etisalat (UAE), France Telecom-Orange (France), OGERO (Lebanon), Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (Pakistan), Saudi Telecom Company STC,(Saudi Arabia), Telecom Egypt (Egypt), Telecom Italia Sparkle (Italy), and Tata Communications (India). IMEWE is the third major submarine cable operational between India and Europe after SMW3 and SMW4 and is expected to play a major role in meeting ever growing bandwidth requirement of Indian sub continent and Middle East to Europe and beyond. IMEWE system would also play a key role in expansion of broadband services among masses in concerned countries.

With the activation and the beginning of operations of IMEWE, all member countries shall witness a new era in communications that will undoubtedly lay the foundations for faster international connectivity for generations to come. IMEWE system shall also play a major role of providing continuity of service in case of technical problems in other existing major cables on the route.

Walid Irshaid, President and CEO, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, said, " As the sixth populous country of the world, Pakistan is witness to
phenomenal and exponential growth in Broadband services. It is foreseen that the internet user community will continue to increase substantially, demanding ever higher speed, availability and quality. Following the commissioning of IMEWE with a landing station at Karachi, we at PTCL expect to fulfill our mandate of meeting and exceeding the demands of both our corporate and household broadband customers. Through our robust, resilient, redundant and diversified international infrastructure of three submarine cables namely SMW3, SMW4 and IMEWE, we aim to harness and propel the growth of Pakistan’s broadband market, connecting not only our own customers to the world but also serving as a catalyst for the entire broadband industry of Pakistan

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