Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ufone MMS Info Services

Pin It Ufone MMS Info Services

Ufone introduces MMS info services, now you can get the latest MMS alerts on your mobile phone.

How you subscribe?
Simply SMS keyword “MMS’ to short code 491.

To subscribe to Daily MMS Info service reply with (1 – 4):

1.Sports MMS
2.Islamic MMS
3.Funny MMS
4.All MMS

You can also send a single category directly to 491 for example:

-MMS Fun or MMSfun and send it to 491 (Daily a funny MMS will be sent to the end user)
-MMS Islam or MMSislam and send it to 491 (Daily Islamic MMS will be sent to the end user)
-MMS Sports or MMSsports and send it to 491 (Daily an MMS related to Sports will be sent to the end user)
-All MMS or AllMMS send to 491 (Daily an MMS related to (Sports, Islamic & Funny) will be sent to the end user)

Terms & Conditions:
-Charging will also be done in the same manner as for all other Info services.
-To unsubscribe from the service send UMMS to 491, list of subscribed services will be displayed for selection.
-MMS will be pushed on three different timings first MMS at 9:00 am, second MMS at 01:00 pm & last MMS at 05:00 pm.
-This service is available to all Prepaid and Postpaid Ufone customers on all packages.
-The service is accessible on GPRS & MMS supportive handset only.
-User must have MMS provisioned to use this service.
-Charges are exclusive of taxes.

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