Monday, December 20, 2010

Warid Group SMS

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Staying in touch with all your friends at the same time has never been easier! Warid introduces an amazing new service that will keep you and your group of friends connected!

Warid Group SMS lets you create an SMS group of up to 10 of your friends. Now every message you send to the group will be sent to each person in the group, and when they respond the replies will be sent to everyone in the group as well. This makes group discussions, planning get-togethers and other group activities easy and spontaneous with just a couple of SMS’s! What’s more, you can add friends using off-net numbers in to your group as well!

How to get started!

-Create your group by sending ‘Create ’ to 9393.

-You will be asked to set up your profile through SMS including your

nickname. This will only need to be done for the first time you use Warid Group SMS.

-Start sending invitations to your friends to join the group by sending ‘INVITE GROUPNAME .

-If you have created a group, you will be allocated a number through which you can initiate messages to your group members by simply sending an SMS to the allocated number.

-In case that you have been added in to a group, you will be asked to save the number from which you received the confirmatory SMS on being added to the group. Now whenever you want to send an SMS to all your friends in your group, just send the SMS to the number you saved! For example: ‘hey how’s it going?’ in an SMS to your saved number.

-For help at any time, just send HELPGROUPS to 9393.

Available list Of commands (to be sent in an SMS to 9393):

-CREATE – To Create a Group
-INVITE - To invite other users to your group
-JOIN – To Join a group
-M - An alternative way of sending a message to the group
-RENAME - To change your nick
-MUTE - To mute a particular group or user
-LIST - To list all members of a group
-DELETE - To delete a group
-LEAVE - To leave a group
-HELP GROUPS – For help on using the service

Rs. 1+tax/SMS for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers

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