Saturday, January 8, 2011

PTCL new service “Business in a BOX”

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Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Corporate Services organized a seminar on the launch of their new service “Business in a BOX” at Layallpur Gymkhana Faisalabad recently. Different people of industry from all across Pakistan attended the seminar to represent their perspectives on this platform and shared their ideas about this new product and role of PTCL for respective business and their expectations from PTCL in the future.

The seminar was attended by prominent People from SME’s, Textile Industry, FESCO, Food & Beverages, Chamber of Commerce, FEIDMIC and Banks. Complete amplification of Business in a BOX, its features, Usage, Benefits, Roadmap and in the end practical and live demonstration was given in the seminar .This platform acted as a catalyst and gave the people from different school of thoughts a chance to share their problems.

PTCL is the only largest converged services carrier in Pakistan which has introduced Business in a Box, a very simple application with cloud computing concept as an Internet-based way of working where users access applications through a web browser rather than hosting software locally on their own PC. Business in a box is not only limited to a typical DSL, but also provides the functionality of WLAN access points, VolP, IPSec, File server and Printer server in a single CPE. This gateway device also provides CPE WAN Management Protocol, which eases and reduces the management effort of the service providers. Along with it provides broadband Internet connection sharing, firewall security, VPN connectivity, IP telephony, IP Camera surveillance audio/video streaming and wireless LAN connectivity in a very secure and faster manner.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed stated that connectivity is need for today as the business grows, so does the dependency on the internet for access to real time business applications which demands faster and more efficient connectivity to the internet. PTCL\'s Business in a Box allows companies to cater their current and future business needs. He further said that PTCL is constantly improving and upgrading its services to ensure customer satisfaction and has the fastest growing network in the country.

Zaman Gulzar EVP Corporate services stated that by introducing such products and packages to its already existing thriving portfolio, today PTCL has become the obvious choice for customers looking for high speed internet. He further added that our future is dependent upon our business development and economic growth and this new product is going to work as an engine of economic growth for the country; He remarked that this BIB seminar provided a platform for the business development sector to expand their vision and open new horizons for them.


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