Monday, March 7, 2011

ZONG Cricket Ki Jeet!

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With Cricket Ki Jeet, customers can win amazing prizes everyday – which include Handsets, DVD players, MP3 Players, Xbox, Ipads and LCD TVs! There is also a bumper prize of a VIGO car. In addition, there are daily cash prizes of Rs 100,000 during the group stage which progresses to Rs 1,000,000 for the final of the 2011 World Cup!

With Cricket Ki Jeet, the more you play, the more you win!

Offer Mechanics
-This offer is valid from 19th February until 2nd of April 2011
-Customers can participate in this game using the following distinct mediums:
-Primary medium – SMS 7711: ZONG's special cricket transmission on Play TV will include 10 questions per match day. Each question will have a specific prize associated with it. Customers will send their reply to 7711 and be charged Rs 2+tax/SMS
-Each customer will have until the start of the next question to answer the previous question. For example,

if Question 2 is being broadcast and customer replies to question 1, the answer for Question 1 will be invalid and he/she will be charged for SMS/IVR reply

-Add-on medium – IVR 7711: Customers will dial 7711 in order to subscribe. These customers will compete by answering a multitude of questions via IVR to get maximum points per day – the customer with the most points for that day will receive a prize. In addition, the customer with the maximum points at the end of the World Cup will receive a bumper prize.
-Service subscription (for IVR access) is at Re. 1+tax/day
-The IVR will be charged at 50 paisas+tax/min

Which TV channels will broadcast the Cricket Ki Jeet transmission?

Marathon transmission for this game will be aired on Play TV.

How can I participate in this game?
You can participate in the game by sending SMS (with answer to the current question) to 7711, during the match hours, at the rate of Rs. 2+tax per SMS. Customers can subscribe to other exciting components of this game by calling 7711 IVR, at a daily charge of Re. 1+tax.

What is the duration of the promo?
What is the duration of the promo? A: This offer is valid throughout the Cricket World Cup on all match days. Cricket Ki Jeet will not be offered to the customers on days when there is no match. Below are the exact dates when this game will be offered:

19th Feb – 20th Mar
23rd Mar – 26th Mar
29th Mar – 30th Mar
2nd Apr

What are the charges for participating in this game?
Customers can send SMS to 7711 with answer to the current question, at Rs. 2+tax per SMS. Customers who subscribe on the IVR will be charged a daily subscription fee of Re. 1+tax. They will be charged Rs. 0.50+tax per min through IVR.

How often will a new question get floated?
With a total of 10 questions during the whole match, one question will be posted after almost every 10 overs; however, the frequency may vary depending upon the match situation.

Do I get any consolation prize if my answers are not correct?
With Cricket Ki Jeet, everyone is a winner. Each customer will be credited with 5 free SMS for each SMS reply on 7711, irrespective of whether their answer is correct or not. These free resources will be posted to the customers' account at day-end and will be valid for 1 day.

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