Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uth Futura Pakistan’s first converged technology mobile handset phone

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Uth Futura Pakistan’s first converged technology mobile handset phone

Introducing Uth Futura - Pakistan’s first Dual Mode GSM + EVDO converged technology mobile handset phone.

With built-in EVO connection, Uth Futura offers Live streaming at lightning speed. This incredible device can also be used as an EVDO modem. Simply connect your phone to your PC/Laptop to feel the EVDO thrust and get instant downloads of your favorite movies or songs from anywhere on the World Wide Web.

And that’s not all. Your Uth Futura brings Mobile TV straight to your hand. Stay updated and entertained by watching your favorite TV channels round the clock.

Get up, close and personal with Uth Futura. Go crazy with its sleek Qwerty keyboard and chat away into the night. Enjoy Snaptu and Nimbuzz to stay connected where U want, when U want. There’s more. On activation, get 10 Free Internet hours. Your Uth Futura also comes with Java Support and U can install mini Opera browser for an enhanced browsing experience. Moreover, Uth Futura also supports MMS and GPRS connectivity.

All this and much more at a price of only Rs. 6,999.

So get your Uth Futura jaldi se. Kyunke ye hain…Uth ke shashkay!

Terms & Conditions:

-Due to factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users, speed may vary from 3.1 Mbps on downlink & up to 1.8Mbps on uplink
-EVO on this handset only operates on 1900MHz frequency, and will not work on 450MHz frequency; therefore, EVO srvices will not be available in Peshawar and other cities of same frequency
-Warranty can be claimed only after proper verification of IMEI, original warranty card and proof of purchase
-On GSM network, handset only supports GPRS/MMS
-Good quality mobile video streaming will depend upon strong network coverage and bandwidth availability
-Available at all customer service centers except Peshawar
-Terms & conditions apply
-19.5% FED on usage and 11.5% WHT tax at recharge or bill applies
-Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime.

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