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Zong introduces Pakistan's first Accidental Insurance via Mobile phone service

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Zong introduces Pakistan's first Accidental Insurance via Mobile phone service

ZONG announces the launch of ZONG Insurance, Pakistan's first Accidental Insurance via Mobile phone service.
An unexpected misfortune may hit anyone at anytime, thus insurance is a necessity but owing to the painstaking and lengthy process it was restricted to just a handful of people.

With ZONG Insurance, you do not require any documentation or the need to visit an insurance company for an insurance policy; you can get insured via Zong against accidental death or disability caused due to accident or act of terror. All you need is to follow a simple subscription process. Buying an insurance policy cannot get any simpler than this.

No other insurance plan can give you such a comprehensive coverage and easy policy approval process. There is no need to make any insurance premium deposits as the daily deduction will be automatically made from your mobile phone balance according to the Insurance plan.

To Subscribe:
SMS "SUB" to 5433

To Un-Subscribe:
SMS "UNSUB" to 5433

To Initiate Claim:
SMS "CLAIM" to 5433

Terms and Conditions

•To purchase the insurance policy the customer should be 18-59 years of age with a valid CNIC.
•To receive the benefits of the insurance policy the customer should be 18-60 years of age.
•One beneficiary who be at least 18 years of age with a valid CNIC.
•The ZONG mobile connection should be in the name & CNIC of the policy purchaser.
•Validity of the Insurance policy is for 1 year.
•Insurance premium (deducted on a daily basis) is non-refundable
•Tax is applicable on telecom services only.
Collaborating Partner: Adamjee Life
Click here to print policy certificate or to initiate claim process

What is ZONG Insurance?
ZONG Insurance Service is an innovative product that is being offered in collaboration with Adamjee Life. It provides accidental death and accidental disability insurance coverage including coverage against mishaps occurring due to terrorism or other disasters. The plan also includes a funeral expense cover in case of accidental death.

What is the benefit in case of accidental death or accidental disability God forbid?
A lump sum benefit will be payable in case of accidental death or accidental disability based on the plan chosen. A funeral expense benefit will also be payable in case of accidental death.

What are the insurance plans available?
The insurance services are available in the following plans:

How much tax will be charged on the daily charges?
No tax is applicable on the insurance premium but FED of 19.5% will be charged on the ZONG service charges.

Is it necessary to get registered for using ZONG Insurance Service?
Yes to get insured the subscriber needs to get the insurance subscription by sending "SUB" to 5433.

What is the subscription process?
Just send an SMS with the text "SUB" to 5433 to get insured.

What is the minimum age to subscribe to this service?
The minimum age for subscription is 18 years.

What is the maximum age to subscribe to this service?
The maximum age for subscription is 59 years.

What is the maximum age to receive benefits from this policy?
The maximum age for subscription is 60 years.

What are the charges for registration?
There are no registration charges for the service only daily premium charges are applicable and deducted from the subscribers mobile account.

Who will be the Insurance Policy Beneficiary?
One policy beneficiary will be nominated by the subscriber at the time of the subscription via SMS.

Who will be the beneficiary of the policy?
Customer will nominate one beneficiary at the time of the subscription of the insurance policy. The beneficiary should be blood relative, over 18 years old with a valid CNIC.

What details need to be provided by the subscriber for the Beneficiary?
• Beneficiary CNIC
• Beneficiary Name
• Relation

What is the duration of the insurance policy?
The insurance policy is valid for 1 year from the date of subscription.

What if the customer does not have the required balance in the account?
If the customer does have the balance for the daily insurance premium deduction a reminder SMS will be sent each day to the customer for 3 days. If the customer does not recharge within 3 days the policy will be automatically un-subscribed and customer will be informed via SMS. In case the customer loads balance during 3 days the premium will be deducted at once on pro rata basis.

Will the insurance policy continue if the customer's policy was expired due to insufficient balance once he/she re-loads?
No, if the customer does not reload within the 3 days grace period provided the insurance policy is expired and cannot be continued. The customer will have to re-subscribe to the policy and be will be treated as a new policy holder.

What is the process to unsubscribe?
Subscriber can SMS "UNSUB" to 5433 and unsubscribe the service.

Will the customer get any money back on un-subscription?
No money will be refunded on un-subscription of the service.

What will happen after insurance policy term is completed?
After the policy term is completed after 1 year. On the completion of the policy term a message will be sent to the subscriber and the policy will be re-subscribed automatically for another term of 1 year. Customer will have the option to un-subscribe if he/she does not want to continue with the policy.

Is the service only for ZONG subscribers?
Yes, this service is only available for ZONG subscribers.

How long does it take to get the insurance?
As soon as the subscription is processed via SMS the policy will be activated and the subscriber will be insured.

Can more than one insurance policy's be issued against one CNIC?
No, there can be only one policy against one CNIC.

Will the customer get a receipt or any SMS notification after the subscription?
Yes, customer will receive a confirmation SMS with the insurance policy number and pin code.

Will the customer get any physical document or policy after the subscription?
•The customer can visit or to print his/her insurance certificate by entering policy number and pin code.
•Customer can also visit nearest Zong customer services center to get his/her insurance certificate.

What should a customer do if he needs to claim the policy?
In case of claim, the customer/beneficiary can lodge a claim by:

1. SMS "CLAIM" to 5433.
2. Visit
3. Visit
4. Contact nearest Zong customer service center
5. Email to

Once a claim query is received through any of the above, from the customer an automatic flag will be generated with Adamjee and they will contact the customer for further details.

Who will process the claim?
The claim will be processed by Adamjee Life as per the insurance claim SOP and may require any related documents from the subscriber for this purpose.

How long will it take for the claim to process?
Claims will be settled in 3 to 5 working days after the completion of required documents.

What is the Insurance Policy Number?
The subscriber Mobile Number is the policy number.

What if a subscriber's SIM is stolen, will insurance still exist?
Yes, as long as the customer has balance in the MSISDN the customer will be insured.

What if the subscriber wants to MNP out to another operator?
The subscriber has to first un-subscribe to the policy and can port out.

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