Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Zongopedia service by ZONG

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Zongopedia service by ZONG

Information is just a text message away

Zong brings you Zongopedia – your mobile search engine. Be in the know – in the here and now. Zongopedia is your own virtual library – and it's open 24/7.

What's on your mind today? Ask Zongopedia and get the answers… anytime…anywhere!

Salient Features
•Check your daily horoscope
•Find out what your favorite color says about you
•Go behind the real meaning of your name.
•All replies to your query are accurate and approved bya dedicated moderator
•Zongopedia also supports Urdu language

How to Activate
Simply SMS your question to 275


How will I subscribe to the service?
This service doesn't support subscription and there will be no subscription charges attached.

What kind of questions can I ask?
You can ask anything you want. You will get the answer.

How do I un-subscribe this service? There is no need to un-subscribe the service. It can be used as per requirement.

Does this service support the syntax slangs and/or roman Urdu?Yes! This service supports syntax slangs and roman Urdu SMS.

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Mobiles in Paksitan said...

Zong wins again. This will be the innovative idea and helps us a lot.


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