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Ufone Star Name offer now your name your mobile number

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now your name your mobile number
Ufone Star Name offer

Now your number is as exclusive as U

If you are looking for something that is truly individual? Then “Star Name” is a service just for you. Now have your very own memorable mobile number and make it part of your identity. For your friends, remembering your mobile number is now very easy with “Star Name”.

All those who always wanted to have a golden number this is your chance. All you have to do is register your “Star Name” and tell all your friends to call you by dialing * followed by your Star Name. Your Star Name can be your name, nick, date of birth, zodiac sign or any other thing that is unique and special to you.

Registering your Star Name is very simple. Just send your Star Name to 3113; and once the number is registered it will become your Star Name. For example, a customer can type “TONY” and send to 3113 and their Star Name will become *8669 (TONY).

This is truly a one of its kind service, so hurry up and get your Star Name today.

Getting a Star Name:

-Send any word or digit to 3113. If the name or number is available, you will be allocated a Star Name against your number.
-If Star Name is already allocated to another user, you will be given alternate options. For instance if “Alikhan” Star Name is already given to another number our system will give you multiple options e.g. AliKhan00, Alikhan99, Alikhan77. These will be translated to *254542600, *254542699 or *254542677 respectively.
-You can browse through more options by replying with “m” on 3113.
-You will have to reply back with one of the available options, once the Star Name is allocated to the number all Ufone numbers can call directly on your Star Name.

Dialing on and from Star Name:

-In order to make a call on Star Name, Ufone users will dial * followed by user’s Star Name. For instance *2545426. You will get * prior to the CLI if caller is calling on your Star Name. It will help you distinguish if you are being called on your Star Name or original number.
-Off-net users will call Ufone number 03327777303 to get in touch with Star Name users, 03327777303 is an automated IVR that will help Off-net users to connect with Star Name subscribers. Standard calling charges would apply on calling 03327777303.

More Features:

-You can turn off your Star Name by sending “off” to 3113.
-You can switch on your Star Name by sending “on” to 3113.
-Getting a new Star Name. In order to get a new Star Name, users can SMS, NewStar Name to 3113. For example, new AliKhan99, one user can only change one Star Name every month.
-For Help menu, you can SMS help or h to 3113.
-You can also block calls on your Star Name, commands are listed below.

-To Block calls from a number or another star Name you can SMS, blocknumber to 3113 for e.g. block 03331234567 or block 2545426.
-To Unblock calls from a number on Star Name, you can SMS unblocknumber to 3113 for e.g.unblock 03331234567 or unblock 2545426.
-To see the blacklist Star Name you can SMS, list to 3113.
-20 Numbers can be blocked on a Star Name.

-You can SMS myid to 3113 in case you have forgotten your Star Name.
-You can unsubscribe the service by sending SMS command UNSUB to 3113.

Shifting Star Name:

-You also have the option of moving your Star Name from one Ufone number to another Ufone number. In order to move the Star Name from one Ufone number to another, you need to SMS “Shiftnumber” to 3113 for example, shift 03335710089.


Service subscription charges will be Rs. 3.75 + tax per week, calling on and from Star Name will be as per package plan.

Service Rules:

-Minimum length of a Star Name can be four digits and maximum will be fourteen digits.
-SMS to 3113 will not be charged
-Only one Star Name can be acquired on one primary number.
-This service is not useful for incoming and outgoing international roamers
-Call on Off-net numbers will not be allowed from Star Name, in case Off-net users need to call on Star Name Off-net users will dial 03327777303 first.
-Star Name cannot be added in your FnF list.
-Calling party voice bucket will be consumed first if calling party has been subscribed to voice bucket.
-Given the subscription charges are not successfully deducted for 30 days, all calls on and from Star Name will be suspended.
-If non-chargeable (Weekly Subscription) period elapses 45 days the Star Name will be displaced.
-Service is available for Pre-paid users only.

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