Friday, January 27, 2012

Nokia Equity Program 2012

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Nokia Equity Program 2012

Espoo, Finland - Nokia announced that Nokia's Board of Directors has approved the Nokia Equity Program 2012 consisting of Performance Shares, dependent on the achievement of two independent financial performance criteria; Restricted Shares, used together with Performance Shares; and Stock options, used on a more limited basis.

As the transition of Nokia's business continues, the Nokia Equity Program 2012 will support the participants' focus and alignment with the company's strategy and targets. The primary equity instruments for the executive employees are performance shares and stock options. For directors below the executive level, the primary equity instruments are performance shares and restricted shares. Below the director level, performance shares and restricted shares are used on a selective basis to ensure retention and recruitment of functional mastery and other employees deemed critical to Nokia's future success.

Nokia's balanced approach and use of the performance-based plan in conjunction with the restricted share plan as the main long-term incentive vehicles effectively contribute to the long-term value creation and sustainability of the company. They also ensure that the overall equity-based compensation is based on performance while ensuring the recruitment and retention of talent vital to the future success of Nokia.

Approximately 4500 employees are expected to participate in the Nokia Equity Program 2012.

Under the Performance Share Plan 2012, Nokia shares will be delivered provided that the financial performance reaches at least one of the required threshold levels measured by two independent performance criteria. The performance criteria are average annual net sales and earnings per share for the performance period. The threshold and maximum levels for the Performance Share Plan 2012 are scheduled to be determined and disclosed during the first quarter of 2012. No Performance Shares will be granted under the plan prior to that. The Plan has a two-year performance period (2012-2013) and a subsequent one-year restriction period. Accordingly, the amount of shares based on the financial performance during the two-year period will vest after the third year. The grant of Performance Shares in 2012 may result in an aggregate maximum payout of 36 million Nokia shares, should the maximum level for both performance criteria be met.

The Restricted Share Plan 2012 has a three-year restriction period. The grant of Restricted Shares in 2012 may result in an aggregate maximum payout of 14 million Nokia shares.

As part of the Nokia Equity Program 2012, stock options will be granted under the Nokia Stock Option Plan 2011 approved by the Annual General Meeting 2011. Stock options can be granted under the Stock Option Plan 2011 until the end of 2013 and they have a vesting period of 50 % of stock options vesting three years after grant and the remaining 50 % vesting four years from grant. The planned maximum number of stock options to be granted during 2012 is approximately 8.5 million.

As of December 31, 2011, the total maximum dilution effect of Nokia's equity program currently outstanding, assuming that the performance shares would be delivered at maximum level, is approximately 1.8 %. The potential maximum effect of the Nokia Equity Program 2012, again assuming the delivery at maximum level, would be approximately another 1.6 %.

Settlements under various Nokia equity plans
The performance period for the Performance Share Plan 2009 ended on December 31, 2011, and there will be no settlement to the participants under the plan as the threshold performance criteria of EPS and Average Annual Net Sales Growth were not met. To fulfill the Company's obligations under other, considerably more limited equity incentive plans, Nokia's Board of Directors has resolved to issue a total amount of 1 010 000 Nokia shares (NOK1V) held by the Company to settle its commitment to approximately 400 participants, employees of the Nokia Group.

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