Sunday, February 5, 2012

wi-tribe endless internet for just Rs.1000 per month

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wi-tribe endless internet for just Rs.1000 per month
This New Year, get endless joy with endless volume from wi-tribe.

Now enjoy endless volume* on our 512Kbps Standard package, for just Rs.1000 per month. So subscribe to this offer today to download your favorite music and movies, chat endlessly with friends and family, and do so much more online with wi-tribe.

This offer is available for the month of February so call us now on 111-187-423 to subscribe to this great offer and stay online for as long as you want. Existing 512Kbps Standard customers will be automatically upgraded to endless volume.

Terms & Conditions:
1. All 512Kbps USB Dongle users will be upgraded to Endless Volume and will continue to be charged at Rs.1500 per month unless converted to Pocket Modem
2. Device upgrade from USB Dongle to Pocket Modem will be free of charge
3. All customers subscribing in February will continue to enjoy this offer until they unsubscribe or convert to a different package

*fair usage policy applies

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