Friday, January 18, 2013

Mobilink MobiTunes Star

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Mobilink MobiTunes Star

You can simply copy your desired Mobitunes whilst listening to a friend's Mobitunes. So now you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a Mobitune of choice. Simply press *3 whilst listening to a Mobitune and it will be copied.

Press *3 to copy Party B's Mobitune (Both Parties should be Mobilink Customers) during a call on which Mobitunes is playing
Mobitunes copied downloaded simultaneously
Charges: Rs. 7.99+Tax/Mobitunes Copy- (Prepaid Only) – Free for Postpaid

Mobitunes Subscription Charges-Prepaid(Same as before): Rs. 1.2+Tax/Day
Mobitunes Subscription Charges-Postpaid(Same as before): Rs. 36+Tax/Month

For Non-Mobitunes subscribers:
For Mobilink customers not subscribed to the Mobitunes service, they will also be able to use the feature. On copying a Mobitunes of their choice, a subscription request will initially be sent for them to be subscribed to the service. Only on successful subscription(can take up to 24 Hours) will the intended Mobitunes for copying be downloaded and set for them. Customers will receive an SMS notifying them of successful subscription request processing, as well as successful copying of desired Mobitunes.

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