Friday, March 1, 2013

Unlimited Facebook offer for Rs.5 only by mobilink

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Unlimited Facebook offer for Rs.5 only by mobilink
Mobilink offer a full day unlimited Facebook for only Rs. 5 now you can enjoy to share pic, poke and everything you lik on FB..

Facebook Bundle
Facebook Bundle details are following.

Sr. No.NamePrice Point- PKRMB Quota3Validity PeriodAuto-subscription
1Facebook Bundle5Unlimited24 HrsNo
1 Tax is not applicable on GPRS usage/subscription
2 Facebook Bundle will continue till 15-Mar-13
3 No Fair Usage Policy applies as long as subscriber is using Facebook. However, he will be charged for accessing websites other than Facebook.

USSD Strings/Commands
SubscriptionBalance Inquiry1Bundle InformationUn-subscription
Facebook Bundle*114*5#*114*5*2#*114*5*3#*114*5*4#
1 Charges 15 Paisas + tax

How to Access Facebook?
After successful bundle subscription, subscriber can access Facebook by entering below URL in mobile or Opera Mini browser.
Facebook can be accessed either via mobile browsers, which are not proxy browsers, or below versions of Opera Mini.

Platforms SupportedVersion
J2ME Opera Mini 44.2.22714 & above
J2ME Opera Mini 55.1.22296 & above
J2MEOpera Mini 6All versions & above
Android6.0.24212 & above
S605.1.22783 & above
iOS6.X & above

What Can Subscriber do in Facebook?

Facebook bundle subscriber can perform all activities on Facebook like status update, view News Feed, like or comment on posts, send and reply to messages, write on their friends' Wall, view & share photos & videos etc. However, going on external links to view articles, photos & videos will result on data charging.

What are Terms & Conditions?
This service is available for Mobilink Prepaid subscribers only, including all Jazz & Jazba subscribers.
This service may not be available on Blackberry built-in web browsers.
For unlimited free usage, subscribers should access Facebook by writing via mobile browser or selected versions of Opera Mini.
Opera Mini can be downloaded from, however, standard data charges will apply.
Subscriber can perform all Facebook activities including viewing/sharing photos & videos. However, visiting external links/websites will be charged..
Accessing Facebook via proxy browsers & Apps may result in data charging.
Subscriber may get charged for mobile phone applications consuming data in background. This can be controlled by turning off such applications.
Mobile browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) on some handsets are proxy browsers. Accessing Facebook via these browsers may result in data charging.
This is a limited time offer which will continue till 15th Mar 13. However, Mobilink reserves the right to modify offer duration.
Facebook Bundles – FAQs
Q) Despite being subscribed to Facebook bundle, I am being charged for using Facebook?
Ans) Please make sure that,

Mobile applications are not running and consuming data in background. This can be done by turning off such applications. However, some system applications may remain connected to mobile internet which results in charging.
You are not using Facebook via proxy browser or App
You are not visiting any external links in Facebook

Q) I am using mobile browser for accessing Facebook but still being charged?
Ans) Some mobile browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) are proxy browsers, and accessing Facebook via these may result in data charging. Use of selected versions of Opera Mini browser is recommended in such cases.

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