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Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle

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Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle

Keeping up with its reputation of offering the best bundles for its valued customers, Warid introduces Maal Dhamaal Bundle! where you can purchase 10 SMS and 10 Wallpapers/Ringtones for just Rs.9.99+tax. What’s more, by purchasing a Maal Dhamaal Bundle you get a chance to win amazing GIFTS!
All you have to do is purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle in the 85 days campaign and you are entered in lucky draws to win Rs.100,000 DAILY and a Grand Prize of Rs.1 Crore!
What’s more, by purchasing a bundle you get a chance to participate in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz. Answer simple questions, gain points and get the opportunity to become the Top Scorer of the week and win Rs.500,000! every WEEK
If this wasn’t enough, Maal Dhamaal Quiz will have special Bonus Schemes throughout the duration of the campaign where participants enter a special lucky draw to win free fuel for one year!


Send an SMS to 3000 to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle. Visit http://maaldhamaal.waridtel.com from your mobile phone to download the Wallpapers and Ringtones you purchase.


The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is an 85 days campaign, from 15th April 2013 to 8th July 2013.


The Maal Dhamaal Bundle is for Rs.9.99+tax
Standard GPRS charges apply for downloading Wallpapers and Ringtones through the WAP portal: http://maaldhamaal.waridtel.com
Details of the Gifts:
The details of the gifts are presented in the following table:

Type of giftsCash gifts
Daily – through lucky draw (except Sundays)Rs.100,000
Weekly – top scorerRs.500,000
Grand – through lucky draw (last day of Campaign)Rs.10,000,000
Bonus – through lucky drawFree fuel for one year*


The Customer acknowledges that under this Campaign he shall not respond to any calls/SMSs directing to make/send calls/SMSs to any other number/short code or which are regarding award of any prize (whether money or in kind) in lieu of balance transfer. Ignorance of this clause by the Customer shall not accrue any liabilities/responsibilities on Warid including but not limited to liability/responsibility towards any loss occurred to the Customer. Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle does not ask winners to make any payments.


1. What is the Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle?
Maal Dhamaal Bundle Campaign is a promotion of Warid’s Value Added Services, consisting of 10 SMS and 10 Credit Points which allow you to download Wallpapers or Ringtones from a WAP link via GPRS. Each wallpaper/ringtone costs 1 Credit Point.

2. How can I purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle?
Send an SMS with any keyword (or even a blank SMS) to shortcode 3000 to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle. You will then receive a unique password through SMS, which you will use to access the WAP site and download content. If you forget or lose your password, send an SMS with the keyword PASS to shortcode 3001.

3. How much does it cost?
Every Maal Dhamaal Bundle purchased from shortcode 3000 costs Rs.9.99+taxAll SMS sent and calls made to 3001 are free of chargeAll SMS received from 3000 are free of chargeWAP GPRS access is charged separately as per Warid’s applicable tariffs (information available at www.waridtel.com).

4. When will I be able to use the SMS purchased through the Bundle?
All SMSs purchased through the Maal Dhamaal Bundle shall be active and become available to you for use sixty (60) days after the expiry date of this Campaign and shall be directly credited to your account.

5. What is the promotion duration?
The promotion has duration of 85 days, starting from 15th April 2013 until 8th July 2013, inclusive.

6. How many bundles can I purchase?
There is no limit in the amount of bundles you can purchase.

7. Who is eligible to purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle?
All subscribers of Warid are eligible to participate, except the following:
The employees of Warid, Warid Franchises, Retailers and its sister concernsFirst Degree Relatives of Warid employees, i.e. the spouse, children, parents and siblingsThe registered users of Warid Employee Family Package

8. What are Credit Points?
When you purchase a bundle, you accumulate 10 Credit Points (or CP, Credits or CPts). The Credit Points allow you to download 10 wallpapers/ringtones from the WAP portal and will also be used as a voucher entry in the Lucky Draws.

9. What are the Lucky Draws?
There will be three Lucky Draws in this Campaign, Daily Lucky Draw, Grand Lucky Draw and Bonus Lucky Draw:
The Daily Lucky Draw will be held every day during the Campaign except Sundays and the last day of the Campaign. You will be entered into the Daily Lucky Draw of that day with entries equal to your total Credit Points of that day (starting from 00:00 and ending at 23:59:59).The Grand Lucky Draw shall be held after the Campaign ends. You will be entered in the Grand Lucky Draw with entries equal to your total Credit Points accumulated against purchase of Bundles during the Campaign Period.There will be bonus schemes during the Campaign which allow you to earn extra Weekly Points. When you answer all five bonus scheme questions, whether correctly or incorrectly, during the Bonus Period you will be entered in a Bonus Lucky Draw.

10. What are the Daily and Grand Gifts?
The winner of each Daily Lucky Draw will win Rs.100,000The winner of the Grand Lucky Draw will win Rs.10,000,000

11. What is the Maal Dhamaal Quiz?
The Maal Dhamaal Quiz is a supplement to Maal Dhamaal Bundle. It is an SMS-based promotional activity where Warid’s subscribers are challenged to answer trivia questions, purchase more Maal Dhamaal Bundles and win great prizes.

12. How can I participate in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz?
Once you purchase a Maal Dhamaal Bundle, you will receive a multiple choice question from shortcode 3000. You participate in the Quiz by answering questions by sending 1 or 2 in an SMS to 3000.

13. What are the Weekly Points and how can I get them?
For every correct answer in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz you receive Weekly Points (WP or WPts). For the first correct answer you receive one hundred (100) Weekly Points. Every supplemental correct answer shall earn Weekly Points equal to the number of correct answer sequentially multiplied with 100, for example, for the second correct answer the Participant shall get 2x100=200 points, and for third correct answer 3x100=300 points. Wrong answers shall not earn any Weekly Points.

14. What is the Weekly Gifts?
The Participant who earns the highest Weekly Points during a week starting from Monday at 00:00 and ending at 23:59:59 on Sunday in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz will earn the Top Scorer Weekly Gift of Rs.500,000.

15. What are the extra bonus points and how can I get them?
There will be bonus schemes during the Campaign which allow you to earn extra Weekly Points. These bonus schemes will last for a random time span which will be communicated via an SMS. During the bonus scheme, you can participate by replying to all five (05) bonus questions received at different times during the bonus scheme. The first correct answer to a bonus question shall earn 1000 Weekly Points and thereafter every correct answer shall earn Bonus Weekly Points equal to the number of correct answer multiplied with 1000, for example, for the second correct answer you will get 2x1000=2000 points, and for the third correct answer 3x1000=3000 points. A wrong answer shall not earn any bonus points. The bonus points will be added in the Weekly Points earned during the rest of the week.

16. What is the Bonus Gift?
The winner of the Bonus Lucky Draw will be awarded the Bonus Gift. The Bonus Gift shall be Free Fuel for 1 year (1920 litres). The winners will receive a cash prize equating the existing price of 1920 litres, which shall be subject to deduction of applicable taxes.

17. How many Points do I have?
Send POINTS in an SMS to 3001 to receive Credit and Weekly Points information.

18. I want to stop receiving informational SMS about the promotional Programme?
Send STOP in an SMS to 3001 and you will stop receiving SMS from 3000. If you send anything to the short code 3000 afterwards, you will start receiving messages again.

19. Can I participate in the campaign with different mobile phones?
You can participate with as many different Warid numbers as you wish. However, each one participates separately in the raffles.

20. Can my participations be transferred?
Your participations cannot be transferred to a different Warid number.

21. I sent a message but didn’t receive a reply SMS?
If you have not received a reply SMS, verify the following:
Check if your mobile is full of messages and doesn’t have enough of memory to receive new ones.The message wasn’t sent to the correct number. Check that you sent the SMS to the Short Code 3000.If you feel there is an error or require further assistance, please call Customer Care on 321 from your Warid mobile phone or email at customerservice@waridtel.com

22. How can I collect my prizes?
Winners will be given details for the collection of prizes via phone call from Warid from 00321.

23. I am a winner - can someone else collect my prize instead of me?
The prizes will be handed over to the person in whose name the winner’s SIM card is registered.

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