Friday, October 11, 2013

Warid Career Portal

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Warid Career Portal

Warid Career Portal is an 'all-in-one' service that caters to all-round career development, whether you're looking for a job, looking for a better job, or want to learn how to advance at your current workplace.

What we offer:

Job Alerts
CV Preparation Tips
Interview Preparation Tips
Training and Courses
Career Advice

Helping with the Job Hunt:

With Warid Career Portal, take the opportunity to explore the much larger, national and international job market. Job seekers can choose to receive alerts by the region and industry. You never know when someone might offer you a really good position for skills that you never actually considered selling in the job market!

Career Tips:

Sometimes the difference between a good day at work and a bad day at work is a single thought. The thought is what determines your thought process, your attitude and your emotions. With this in mind, Warid Career Portal sends across daily career tips sourced from the world's most successful business personalities, career counselors and industry experts.

Career Guidance:

Effective networking, Career options, Optimizing your job hunt, Career progression. Learn about all this and more in the Career Advice section where we equip you with insider knowledge you can use to your advantage to advance your career and actually enjoy working!

Drafting a Killer CV:

The call for an interview usually depends on how well a candidate has presented himself/herself in the CV, so it is quite important that the CV makes a good impression on the employer. Warid Career Portal can show you just how you can prepare a CV that suits your chosen industry, and make an impression within the first 25 to 40 seconds that your CV gets when it is picked up to be read.

Optimizing the interview experience: Making a connection

Once you get the call for an interview after your CV has successfully convinced the employer that you might be the right person for the job, it is now up to you to build on the impression made by your CV and 'close' the sale by performing in the interview. Warid Career Portal will send you tips on how to:

Handle the stress and pressure of an interview
Negotiate and answer different types of questions that could be asked of you
Prepare for the interview and what you need to do post-interview

Training and Events:

Warid Career Portal brings you updates on top-of-the-line trainings, workshops and events from recognized and established organizations that will add value to:

Your educational career if you are a scholar
Your professional career, no matter of you are starting out or are looking for that qualification that can boost your credentials

There is a whole world of opportunities out there that is waiting to be exploited. The best time to start is now.

How to subscribe:
To subscribe send "SUB" to 4545

How to Un-subscribe:
For Un-subscription of service or any specific category send "Unsub" to 4545.
Charges for Short code 4545 are Rs.0.5+t/SMS.

Subscription: Re.1 + Tax/day
SMS Charges: Rs.0.50+Tax/SMS

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