Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Braintel’s License cancelled by PTA

Pin It Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has suspended Bratin Tel’s License under section 23 of the act. PTA in its determination said that braintel was violating terms and conditions of the license, furthermore, PTA said that it reserves its right to impose a penalty equivalent to the amount of loss the licensee has incurred to the national exchequer through aforesaid violation of the terms and conditions.
Determination said that PTA, through the Traffic Monitoring Facility, noted that Braintel unauthorizedly originated 450,814 international telephony minutes (accounting for 65,482 international telephony calls) and terminated those minutes in different countries through IP address by using SIP over non-standard port 8891 from 14th May, 2008 to 30th June, 2008. Furthermore, it has also unauthorizedly terminated 2,442,779 international telephony minutes (accounting for 339,917 international telephone calls) in Pakistan through IP address by using SIP over non-standard port 8891.
Determination said that Braintel has been using its locally allocated numbers for the Lahore Region (N/S) outside Pakistan by misusing Direct Inward Dialing technique and by mapping its numbers against IP addresses, hence, these numbers are being used globally and more than 50,000 customers of the Braintel were using these numbers in around 77 countries.
PTA had issued Braintel a show-cause notice back on October 15th, 2008; however, company didn’t stop violating the rules defined by the authority.
Full copy of the determination can be
Downloaded Here (right click and select “Save Target As”)

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