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Telenor Services which most of the peoples not aware

Pin It These following services by the Telenor but most of the peoples not aware due to the lack of advertisment by telenor in this sections.

Aik Paisa SMS

About the service
No balance? No problem!

Telenor introduces, for the first time in Pakistan, Telenor Aik Paisa SMS, to ensure that all our valued customers always remain connected, even when they are low on balance.

Even with a balance of 1 paisa, you can send an SMS, ask for a callback or request for a balance transfer with the Telenor Smart Share service. All you need to remember are the formats that you can SMS to 140.

How to use

Ask for a callback
SMS the following to 140
e.g. call 03451234567

Request for balance with Smart Share
SMS the following to 140
e.g. share 03451234567 170

Sending a message
SMS the following to 140 FRIEND'S-MOBILE-NUMBER MESSAGE e.g. 03451234567 i'm coming home in 10 mins

NOTE: Once you send a Telenor Aik Paisa SMS, the receiver gets a notification over SMS that states your request. In order to read the message, the receiver needs to reply to this notification SMS with 'Y'. To ignore/reject your request, the receiver can ignore this notification message.

Tele Kissan

This is an IVR based value added service for All Telenor customers. They can now get information on the following areas by calling 700 from their Telenor connection:

Press1 for Weather Forecast
Press2 for Commodity Price
Press3 for Agricultural Info
Press4 for Pest Alert & Remedies
Press5 for Agricultural News
Press6 for Agricultural Tips
Press7 for Islamic Service

Pricing:Charges for this service are Rs. 5/min + tax.*This service is being offered in Urdu.

If Telenor customes wants more information
Please View
700 Guide Map for Details.

Telenor SecureAll

Be on the Safer & Smarter side with Telenor SecureAll
Telenor presents a unique phone backup and security solution. Now backup all your contacts, SMS & media safely on the web using SecureAll.
SecureAll also allows you to keep your personal data safe & secure with its advanced security features. You can:
Remotely lock your phone (phone can only be unlocked by the user’s PIN)
Remotely Wipe all data off your phone to Secure your privacy
Backup and Restore your data anywhere, anytime
For registration SMS "REG" to "50007" and enjoy a 14 day free trial.Subscription charges: PKR 30+tax/MonthTo log on your account visit
For more details visit
*Handset limitations apply. For a list of supported handsets visit

Telenor Meri Zubaan SMS

Being at the forefront of change through innovation, Telenor brings its subscribers yet another industry first service! Telenor Meri Zubaan SMS Service is a unique service that enables subscribers to communicate with their loved ones and associates through SMS in their own language script.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to type a proper language text SMS instead of roman (Urdu,Punjabi, Pushto etc written in English)? If you have, this is just the service for you as it translates an SMS in local language script (Urdu) and sends it back to the recipient or to a number to which the sender wants to send the message to.

Telenor subscribers can type in Roman Urdu (Urdu written as English text) and can receive the message back. Subscriber can then forward this message to other numbers.


-Type the message in Roman URDU
E.g. app kaisay hain?

-Send it to 211

-Translate/converted message in URDU language/script will be received
e.g. آپ کيسے ھیں؟

Telenor subscribers can type in the recipient’s number and then the message in Roman URDU and translated message will be sent directly to recipient’s number mentioned.


-Type in the number to which translated message should be sent followed by and then the message in Roman URDU
e.g. 0345******* app kaisay hain?

-Send it to 211

-Translated/converted message in URDU language will be sent to the recipient 0345*******
e.g. آپ کيسے ھیں؟

Please Note:
-Incase the message is not converted properly subscriber customer can type "MSG" and send it to 211 and last message sent in Roman Urdu will be sent back as it is.

-This service is handset dependent and works properly on those handsets which support URDU and ARABIC script / language.

Re. 1 + tax applies to any SMS sent to 211. Recipient is not charged at any step

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