Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Microsoft not to ask for refund from laid-off workers…

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IN today’s ear, efficient and advanced telecommunication system / networks are indispensable for the socio-economic development of any State. Additionally, if such systems/ networks are maintained under proper governmental checks for authenticity of user’s data, it will further help in eradicating crimes from the society thus benefiting society and the government.

During last few years, Pakistan has seen unprecedented developments in telecommunication sector, particularly mobile telephony that is evident from the mind-boggling 90 million mobile connections in a country of around 160 million people. The growth was so phenomenal and overwhelming that the mobile companies, despite elaborated Rules, Regulations and clear instructions by the PTA, regarding sale of SIMs, did not care to control their sale chain and failed in acquisition of correct data of their users. In order to curb the sale of SIMs without proper verification of consumer’s antecedents, PTA adopted number of measures.

PTA being a watch dog realizing the situation, decided to develop a mechanism to curb the sale of unregistered SIMs. After having series of consultations with Law Enforcement Agencies and Operators, PTA came up with the new procedure of sale of non-active SIMs. As per new procedure, mobile service agreement form (CSAF). The SIM is then activated after verification of user data from the NADRA data base. Although the SIMs are non-active but the purchasers are able to dial 789 for activation of new SIM. Upon successful confirmation of few queries by the call centre representative, the SIM is activated within 24 hours.

The new regime adopted by the PTA would make it difficult for outlaws, unscrupulous elements to buy new SIM without legal documents. If followed in letter and spirit, the new regime would improve the user’s data and greatly discourage misuse of the telecom facilities. This will create an environment of trust peace of mind, a prosperous society and effective communication while also helping the Government in achieving their different objectives.

The Regulator, since implementation of the new regime on February 1, 2009, is doing its best by ensuring sale of SIMs as per the regime. However, it may not be possible without support of our citizens.

Therefore, PTA urges the citizens to fulfill their obligation for making our society an exemplary one. Your information about the franchisees and retailers those are involved in the sale of SIMs without obtaining complete antecedents of purchasers would help PTA and government controlling the unlawful use of mobile facilities and ultimately secure ourselves and our society.

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