Thursday, April 2, 2009

Telenor’s Career Management Workshop

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Telenor conducted its Career Management Workshop on April 1 at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, NUST. Telenor Pakistan visited the NUST Main Campus on Tuesday and then conducted its workshop at the College of E&ME the other day.
The lead speaker of the workshop was Mr. Faraz Ahmed, who is an Assistant Manager in Recruitment. He was a wonderful person who conducted the session in a great way.
After a brief personal introduction, we were introduced to the other employees of
Telenor who had come as well. Mr. Nasir was serving as an assistant and a helper while Mr. Salman was present as an alumnus of the institute.
Mr. Salman narrated his experiences at the institute and his career path. He was a Mechanical Engineer by
education who later pursued business studies. He joined in Telenor Pakistan in January, 2008 and was serving as an acting director in corporate affairs.
As the workshop started, an introduction video highlighted the career opportunities and Telenor’s hiring program and procedure. It also highlighted the working environment of the company.
The speakers explained their company’s “Open space environment” and the students were impressed by their policy and philosophy. The flexibility of the working environment was appreciated by everyone.
An introduction to Telenor highlighted the company’s egalitarian policies and employees lifecycle engagements. The company’s organizational structure and hiring and assessment procedures were also explained.
Mr. Faraz then went to explain the “Student excellence program”. He also introduced the company’s new Summer Internship Program and emphasized on the large number of internships available and learning opportunities. (80 internships in technical this summer)
He then started the Career Management Workshop formally. The Workshop was to focus on the Resume making process and the interview procedure.
He asked the students to be prepared for Phase 1 of the recruitment. He asked them to organize themselves for
interviews even before they start looking for employers. He asked them to list down their “SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats”. He asked them to find a direction for themselves and define an area of interest and be passionate about it.
He then mentioned the do’s and don’ts of CVs with sample CVs, both papers ones and Online CVs.
The workshop then progressed to the interview stage that is Phase 2. He introduced the students to the interview process and 4A’s to ace. He explained the points in detail with examples and personal experiences. They were Audible, Authority, Appeal and Aware . He asked the students to show integrity and being comfortable with themselves and don’t fake anything.
After going through this process in detail, he came to Phase 3 i.e. post interview. He explained the nature of further
interviews and the best way to end an interview.
At the end of the workshop, using survey forms distributed throughout the participants, one lucky person won an iPod. The speaker asked various questions from the crowd, and I was lucky enough to nail one and won myself an “I Love Telenor” mug which is pictured here.
Overall the workshop was a very nice experience and helped me get a detailed introduction to the company. The HR people from Telenor did a wonderful job with this workshop.

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