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PTCL:On the go "Wireless Internet conectivity"

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PTCL now presents Wireless Broadband through PTCL WLL network based on world’s proven CDMA 2000 technology surpassing the speeds offered by GPRS and EDGE technologies. You can now access high speed internet while you are at home, at leisure, or on the road. PTCL EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized) offers Wireless broadband (3G) internet access through PCMCIA adapters directly to the laptop (soon to be available through USB adapters - plug and play for desktop systems as well as laptops).
Experience the 3G sensation with speed upto 3000Kbps with PTCL wireless broadband on the go – You are your own hotspot!
For more information on sales and support dial 1236.

-Speed upto 3000Kbps, superior to GPRS(Peak148Kbps) and EDGE (Peak 384Kbps)
-Download heavy files / email attachments
-Real time applications (online gaming, video conferencing, etc)
-Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos, etc)

Installation and Access

1-Insert the CD which came with the EvDO card in the CD ROM of your laptop, the CD is auto start and will install the driver itself. Once the installation is complete an icon of Broadband EVDO will appear on desktop.

2-Click open the Broadband EVDO icon on desktop & click on Tools then click on Choose EVDO Revision then select Rev.A
3-Click on Network, select EVDO Only if you are in KHI, LHR, ISB or RWP cities, when ever go to other cities or if the signals donot appear on below left corner then select Hybrid and click on Apply and then on OK.

4-To check the data rate you are getting click on the tab of Statistics and the continuous graph will show the data rate of uplink and downlink.

User name and password are already configured in the software so you do not need to enter the username or password. Incase there is an error in username and password, it means that the EvDO card is not activated.

1-Insert the USB device in the USB port of the computer
2-It shall automatically install itself as the driver is built in
3-After installation an icon, “EvDO Broadband PTCL” shall appear on the desktop
4-Click open the icon and go to settings
5-Select EvDO from the “Mode” option and click on Apply
6-Click on “Connect” icon to connect to internet

To check the data rate you are getting click on the tab of Statistics and the continuous graph shows the data rate of uplink and downlink
For any assistance call our helpline 1236.

FAQs – Installation and Access
Q1. Can I use this device with Windows Vista?
Ans: Yes you can.

Q2. Error 678: Remote computer not responding. Unable to Connect.
Ans: Check if there are any signal bars shown on the below left corner of the Broadband EvDO software window. If no, then:Click on Tools followed by Options and then Network. Select Hybrid, click Apply and confirm OK.Check if there are signal bars on below left corner of this window, if yes, then click Connect otherwise either there is no coverage in this area or network is down right now, try later or change place.

Q3. Error 691: User name or password incorrect.
Ans: It means that your card has not been activated until now. Check when did the customer got it and if it is less than 24 hours then inform customer to wait until 24 hours and if more than that then forward the complaint to the sales point from where the customer purchased the service and copy to WIN /AAA LHR.

Q4. What can I do if I am able to connect to the Internet but not able to browse any Web pages?
Ans: You need to confirm that your computer is not connected to internet via any other connection (Dialup, DSL, LAN or a Wifi) and check your browser’s settings. The problem may be due to network problem (may be congested) or you may be in an area with a weak signal or no coverage you may try later. Terrain variations, foliage, or buildings may affect coverage within a particular area. Try adjusting your location to a more open area so that you might get a better signal reception.

Q5. Will I be able get full 3.1 Mbps speed for downlink or 1.8 Mbps for uplink?Ans: This depends on how far you are from CDMA BTS. Either with EVDO network or CDMA 1x, you will get very good speeds if the tower is within 2 – 3 KMs radius.

FAQs - General
Q1. What is the Technology used by PTCL to provide High Speed Wireless Internet?
Ans: PTCL is using CDMA EVDO Rev.A technology to provide high speed wireless internet services.

Q2. What is the speed of this service?
Ans: EVDO Rev.A offers up to 3.1 Mbps downlink and up to 1.8Mbps uplink. Average speeds vary from 300Kbps to 700Kbps for downlink and 200 Kbps to 400Kbps for uplink. However it varies depending on the physical situation of the user and the network at a particular time.

Q3. What type of EVDO data cards are being provided by PTCL.
Ans: PTCL is providing both PCMCIA type EVDO cards and USB type EVDO cards.

Q4. What do I need to avail this service?
Ans: You need a computer with PCMCIA or USB slots.

Q5. What does on the go mean? Can I use it while traveling? Do you provide Roaming on this service? Where can I move with this service?
Ans: You can use this service in KHI, LHR & ISB/ RWP for broadband while traveling. You can also use internet in other big cities as well where there is 1900MHz network but on dialup speed (153Kbps). PTCL provides a very large coverage area where you can stay connected.

Q6. How this service is different than GPRS / EDGE offered by mobile companies and EvDO offered by WorldCall?
Ans: GPRS and EDGE (GSM Technologies) do not offer broadband speeds. The peak data rate of GPRS is 144Kbps & that of Edge is 384Kbps whereas peak data rate of EvDO is 3.1Mbps. PTCL’s service is similar to WorldCall in technology but WorldCall provides roaming only within the city where you subscribe the service while PTCL offers roaming in all the big cities of Pakistan where network is 1900MHz. In ISB/RWP, LHR, KHI and Mirpur the service is available on broadband speeds whereas dial-up is available in cities such as Faisalabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Peshawar.

Q7. Is EVDO network available in my city?
Ans: EVDO coverage is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Mirpur at present.

Q8. Is PTCL BUZZ the broadband entertainment portal available with this service?
Ans: Yes

Q9. From where can I get the service?
Ans: You can get the service from PTCL Corporate Customer Care (CCC) Centers or One Stop Shops (OSS) in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. [Click here for details]

Q10. In case EVDO is not available in my city, What are other options?
Ans: You can use VFone (up to 153Kbps), Phone n Net with PTCL landline (Up to 56Kbps) & DSL (512Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps) for internet at a very attractive rate.

Q11. What is the difference between CDMA 1x and EVDO? Speed of CDMA 1X?Ans: CDMA 1x is relatively slower when compared with EVDO in terms of speed and performance. While CDMA 1x offers maximum 144 Kbps, its successor EVDO offers up to 3.1 Mbps.

Q12. Can I use EVDO device to access CDMA 1x network?
Ans: Since EVDO devices offers backward compatibility, you can access a CDMA 1x network with EVDO device if there is a 1900MHz network in that city.

Q13. Does EVDO device use R-UIM / SIM card? Can a VFone SIM be used in this device for EvDO?
Ans: The EvDO CPEs have a slot to insert SIM (RUIM). PTCL VFone SIMs (RUIMs) can be inserted in the device and can be used for voice, SMS and 1X internet but then the device shall become a VFone and EvDO service shall not be available however to use EvDO service, you may take out the SIM card from the device.

Q14. Are there any additional charges or tax over and above the rates mentioned for packages?
Ans: No additional charges or taxes are applicable on this service.

Q15. What options do customers have to pay their bill?
Ans: If you have a PTCL landline then you will be billed within the same bill and can be deposited as a one bill. If you do not have a PTCL landline then you can pay the bill at any PTCL One Stop Shop (OSS).

Q16. Where can I get personal support?
Ans: You can visit CCC or OSS for personal support

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