Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nespak appointed as PA IT system consultant.…

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LAHORE (May 05 2009): Punjab Assembly has appointed National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak) as its consultants for designing and supervision of the installations of modern Information Technology infrastructure and Communication system in the existing and two new adjoining under-construction buildings of the provincial assembly at the cost of Rs 124 million.

An agreement for this project was signed by the Secretary of Punjab Assembly, Muhammad Khan Bhatti and the Vice President of Nespak, Amjad A Khan. Speaker, Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan and Deputy Speaker, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, were also present at the occasion.
Nespak will study the existing IT facilities available in the Assembly building and will prepare the new design of the modem IT layout plans, develop cable routes and the modem public address system accordingly.
Nespak shall prepare the tender for the procurement of equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of the project. The selected contractor shall also provide training facilities to the nominated staff of Punjab Assembly in co-ordination with Nespak. It may be mentioned that Nespak is fully equipped with highly qualified engineers and other technical professionals, having vast experience in the field of modem IT system.

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pakistan said...

Poor Punjab Assembly... I wonder why the Government gives projects to companies just on the basis of its name and past experience without actually looking into what the company is doing in that particular area and at that point in time.

Did Punjab Assembly had any one look into the experience of NESPAK IT section? Do they know that NESPAK has never given a single training in IT to any of its employees in the past 6 years...

Dont get me wrong though... NESPAK is a great commpany and has a glorious past. But that doesnt apply to all of its divisions. It had brilliant engineers which laid the foundation of the company. But those guys are now becoming extinct in NESPAK. Lot of people have either resigned or retired. A few remain but for how long...

NESPAK is in the business of selling services and their core asset is their staff.. They did setup a Training Center but it hasnt done what it was meant to do. Its only there so that they can put that into their profile and get projects. There is no will to actually impart knowledge.

In IT NESPAK has two sections which are dealing with Information Technology Services. One is IT Section and the other is GIS section. Why dont you invite the heads of these two sections and determine for yourself if either one of them know anything about IT.


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