Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zong also Introduce, SMS - Email service

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ZONG once again sets to launch an interesting service SMS to EMAIL & from EMAIL to SMS. This service is primarily targeted for people who are on the move and still they want to remain connected. Statistics show that 28% of the total SMS are exchanged between Mobile phone to the Email Accounts & vice versa. Now all ZONG subscribers will have this facility readily available on their ZONG connection. All that is possible in just few clicks and you can send SMS right on someone’s email and even receive text from the email address right one their mobile phone

Call to Action

Send SMS to Email Address
type EMAIL & send it to 987

Email abcdef@gmail.com Hi. This is a test message
Send it to 987

Rs. 2/sms+t

Send Text from Email Address to Mobile Number
Type your message & send it to mobilenumber@zongsms.pk

Hi. This is a test message
Send it to 03121111111@zongsms.pk

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