Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teradata helps government make strategic decisions

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ISLAMABAD: Teradata, through its data warehouse, creates an environment on the basis of which decisions are taken by the government to increase investment and employment opportunities across the country.

Talking to Daily Times here on Tuesday Managing Director Teradata for Pakistan and Bangladesh Khuram Rahat said that Teradata provided services of warehouse of data for big telecom services providers, government departments like NADRA and many others. “Through our warehouse-data we are providing opportunities to business entities and government organisations to take strategic decisions,” he added.
Teradata Pakistan brings international expertise and best practices in the provision of business efficiency solutions. The business market for Teradata may be split into manufacturing and services sectors. Manufacturing companies need to gather and analyse complex technical data to make decisions that shall earn them high profit margin products, which were market competitive.
Similarly customer-servicing concerns need to accumulate data on user feedback and take product decisions that shall determine customer retention and acquisition. “I would also add that the most distinguishing aspect of Teradata’s products is its exclusive ability to provide fully customised solutions, per industry, sophistication and size, of various businesses against non-responsive shelf products.
”The Teradata MD claimed that the organisation was providing services to telecom, banks and the government. More than 250 experts were permanently employed in the country. According to him, Teradata might increase its investment in Pakistan owing to the country’s tremendous potential for growth in the IT sector despite of some challenges confronting the country.
The Teradata Global Consulting Centre, which was a great milestone not only for Teradata, but also for Pakistan, in which Pakistani people could get projects for foreign countries. Through this way, they greatly contribute in the economic development of the country through foreign exchange earning, which according to him is badly needed.
About the establishment of Teradata in Pakistan, the MD said it had been serving the Pakistani industry as a data-warehousing division of the NCR Corporation since the 1997. However, it was spun-off from NCR Corporation in 2007 in order to competitively pursue specific growth in business segments within the business decision support solutions category including enterprise data-warehousing and business analytics solutions. staff report

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