Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zong:New Mobile Phone Offer

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ZONG is proud to announce the launch of its 2nd Mobile Phone Offer. The highlights of this offer are; sleek and stylish design of mobile phone, airtime for 1 year and unlimited SMS/MMS for 1 year to all networks in Pakistan. Building upon the success of our 1st Mobile Phone Offer in 2008, the new offer has additional phone features such as GPRS, FM Radio, Torch, and Urdu language support. It is evident that the value of ZONG Mobile Phone Offer is more than twice the retail price of PKR 2,999 as it combines a feature packed phone and a one year advance airtime and unlimited SMS/MMS package plan.

The total price of the 2nd ZONG Mobile Phone Offer is PKR 2,999. Price Breakup of the ZONG Mobile Offer is given below:

How can I get this phone?
You can get this phone from all ZONG customer service centers, franchises, and selected retail outlets.
Can I make off net calls from the monthly balance of PKR150?
No the monthly balance of PKR 150 can only be used for ZONG to ZONG calls, SMS/MMS, GPRS and selected VAS services.
What do I do to make calls to other networks?
To make calls to other networks of Pakistan and other countries you have to recharge your account through scratch card or Mini Load
Can I make international calls from the monthly balance of PKR 150?
No. To make international calls you will have to recharge your account through scratch card or Mini Load
Can the monthly balance of PKR150 be carried forward in the next month?
No the remaining balance at the end of the month will be confiscated and will not be carried forward.
How can I check my remaining built in balance?
You can check your remaining built in balance by dialing 310 and pressing 3.
How much SMS/MMS do I get free in one month?
In one month you will get 1000 SMS and 500 MMS for free. For more SMS and MMS normal rates will apply.
Can I subscribe to all ZONG offers such as SMS bundle, Happy Hour, Super Free Number etc on the ZONG Mobile Offer?
All offers are valid on ZONG Mobile Phone offer according to the package plan.
Can the phone be used with any other SIM?
The phone can only be used with any ZONG SIM but the offer package will only be available on the SIM initially mapped with the phone at time of purchase of the offer. SIMs of other mobile operators will not work in ZONG Mobile Phone.
Can the offer also be availed on ZONG Postpaid SIM?
No, the ZONG Mobile Phone offer is only valid on prepaid packages.
Can I have a prepaid package of my choice with ZONG Mobile Phone Offer?
Yes ZONG Mobile Phone offer can be used with any prepaid package of ZONG
Does this phone have warranty?
Yes, this phone has 6 months warranty.
For details of warranty please read the form present inside the phone box.
What if I loose the warranty card?
Sorry, you won’t be able to claim warranty without the warranty card
What will happen after 1 year?
You will stop receiving the monthly balance of PKR 150 and you will have to recharge your account to use ZONG services.

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