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U-Track Maps system by UFONE

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After the mobi track ufone aslo introduce u-Track maps system details below..

UTrack Maps
Get on the right track with UTrack Maps. With UTrack Maps its always the right way.

If you are new in town or are looking for the place everyone’s been talking about let UTrack maps guide you there. All you require is a GPRS enabled handset along with GPRS settings to access UTrack Maps.

Simply go to http://wap.ufone.com click on the UTrack Maps icon and it will direct you to the UTrack Maps page.

UTrack Maps helps you locate a specific street, colony, road, area, school, market, airport or any other popular place on the map. You can also get driving directions to a specific destination or find local businesses e.g. restaurant, bank, hotels. Simply choose a city from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad or Quetta & start navigating at will.

UTrack Maps offers the following main features:

Locate a position on map –Select a city from the UTrack Maps home page, enter a street number/name of residential colony/road/ and get the target location on map. You can also locate any popular place on the map by typing the name e.g. Sea view, Mcdonalds, F-8/1, Satellite Town, banks, Gulberg, Defence, HBL etc.

If there are more than 1 matches, you will get a detailed list of all the HBL locations e.g. HBL F-7, HBL F-11, HBL Dhamial Road etc. and select the desired branch. Click on “View on Map” button and get the desired location pointed on the map.

After locating a specific location on map, you can make route to another point and get driving directions or search for businesses and points of interest like Ufone Franchises, Banks, ATM’s, Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Mosques and hotels within a range of 3 km.

Radius Search (Search Nearby) – After locating a specific location on the map, you can identify popular POI’s including Ufone Franchise, Banks, ATM, Restaurants, Hotel, Petrol Stations or Mosques in the vicinity. Simply chose a category and get a complete list of restaurants/petrol pumps in a range of up to 3 km.

You can also chose to make a selected POI(point of interest) or search for other POI’s near start point/end point.

Routing and Distance – UTrack maps also helps you calculate a desired route i.e. enter a start point e.g F-10 and a destination, e.g Pizza Hut, F-7 and the route will be shown on the map. You will also get the directions and total distance (in km) for the route in text form.


The service is free of charge till 30th of May, 2009. You will only be charged standard GPRS charges while browsing the WAP site. Charges to use this service are mentioned below:

View a location on map – Re. 1
Routing – Rs. 2
Search Nearby – Rs. 2

Above mentioned prices are exclusive of tax

How to search for an address?

To search a street, type your search in the format: St 9, G-10 or St 9, Sector A, DHA4 or St 5, PECH Society. If you cannot find your street in the search results, type only the street number and chose from the list of results e.g. type St 8 and you will get a list of all streets, lanes and galli in the respective city. You can also enter a lane number e.g. Lane 5, Cavalry Ground or Ln 5, Cavalry Ground.

Note: Utrack Maps displays maps up to street level only. Street level addresses are available for Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi only

How to search for a colony/Residential area?

You can also locate a colony/sector/housing scheme on map simply by typing the name of your desired colony e.g. Wahdat colony, Iqbal town, Sui Gas Housing Society, PCSIR Housing Society, EME Housing Society, DHA1, E-11, Aabpara, Bahria Town, Gulzar-e-Quaid, Westridge 3, Satellite Town, Zamzama, Delhi Colony, Zia colony, Nazimabad, Hayatabad, WAPDA colony, Civil Quarters, Gulistan Town, Arbab Town, Ghaffur colony, Qadimi Shehr, Noshai Colony etc. If you cannot find your housing society/sector/colony by name, search for Colony or Housing Society and chose from the list of results.

How to look for POI’s?

To search for a specific point of interest, you can search using the following commonly used keywords:

For Ufone Franchises, type UFONE
For recreational spots, type GYM or GROUND or PARK or SPORT or SWIMMING or CINEMA or CULTURAL or ARTS
For businesses, type BANK or TRAVELS or SHOP or MARKET or RESTAURANT or CAFÉ or HOTEL or CLUB or PIZZA HUT or KFC
For embassies, type EMBASSY or EMBASSY OF LIBYA
For educational institutions, type SCHOOL or COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY or EDUCATION or LIBRARY
For religious places, type MOSQUE or MASJID or IMAM BARGAH
For airport and airline offices, type AIRPORT or AIRLINE
For emergencies, type CLINIC or HOSPITALS or POLICE or RESCUE

How to look for a specific POI?

E.g. If you are in DHA, Lahore and want to know if there is any McDonalds outlet in that area, simply search for McDonalds, DHA and you will get a list of all McDonalds outlets in Cavalry.
Similarly, you can search for other places e.g. MCB, Civil Lines ; Rahat, blue area; Clinic,sadder; Hospital, Nazimabad; hotel, blue area; bank, lalazar colony. Make sure you follow the format for better search results.

How to look for a specific place?

Simply enter the name of your desired location e.g. Badshahi mosque, rawal lake, gulberg, liberty, blue area, avari, PIA, Clifton, Seaview, Ghanta Ghar, zoo etc.

Can I locate roads/highways and major junctions on the map?

Yes, you can locate prominent highways and roads by typing their name e.g. Ataturk ave, Sawan road, Nazim-ud-din road, Peshawar Road, GT Road, Kalma Chowk, Pirwadhai Road, Brelvi Road, Bajori Rd, Qazafi Chowk, Teen Talwar Chowk, Jubilee Chowk, Mall Road or Yamaha Chowk.
If you cannot find your desired search, try RD or HIGHWAY or AVE or CHOWK and make a selection from the list of results found.

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