Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warid Dua Service

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“Warid DUA Service” allows you to make a request for your DUA to a group of people.You can make requests to DUA group members by simply sending your DUA in an SMS.

Steps to follow:
-Register by sending “DUA” to 323 @ Rs 10+tax. You only need to register once to the service.

-After registration, you can send DUA requests to 50, 150 or 300 members.
-To send DUA request to 50 members; send 50 to 324. Rs 10+tax
-To send DUA request to 150 members; send 150 to 324. Rs 20+tax
-To send DUA request to 300 members; send 300 to 324. Rs 50+tax.

Example; ( DUA request to 50 members)50 Dear group members, please pray for my daughter Ayesha’s health as she is very ill these days.

*Standard request charges: 0.5+tax

-Your request will be screened by a customer services representative & will be broadcasted to DUA group members within 24 hours. Please note that your DUA is subject to approval. As per policy, Warid shall filter out any inappropriate content prior to sending it to group members.

-4) The total allowed character limit for any DUA is 140 characters. Your message will be rejected if you exceed the character limit.

At any given point, if you wish to un-register from DUA group, send “Unreg” to 324 @ Rs 0.5+tax

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