Thursday, August 13, 2009

Govt focusing on future IT market: secretary

Pin It KARACHI: Federal Secretary Information Technology and Telecommunication, Naguibullah Malik, has vowed the government will make new policies in line with future demand of the market.
Speaking at a seminar organised on the second day of ITCN Asia 2009 on Wednesday, he said the government would make policies in consultation with the private sector to meet demand of the IT industry.

He praised the services of private sector in IT and said they had been working on self-sustaining basis over the years. “The public sector has been subservient to the private sector,” he said while throwing light on how the government was planning to bring quality and quantity in the sector.

He explained IT meant knowledge and access to knowledge. Many important sectors like aviation were dependent on the IT industry making it mandatory for the government to make sustainable and convenient policies. “Gloomy picture is being painted about Pakistan, our companies should make strong brands because branding a product means branding the country.”

The government would put in place a broad-based regulatory framework in the near future to improve quality of products, quality of work and competitiveness in the IT sector, he said.

Law experts informed the participants of the seminar that Pakistani IT companies that outsourced generally did not know European Union (EU) laws because of which the EU banned some Pakistani IT outsourcing companies owing to non-compliance.

IT experts highlighting the growth of the sector in Pakistan said that some IT companies had shown annual growth of 200 per cent for last six consecutive years. They said e-learning was advancing so fast that after every three to four months new technologies came and brought definite changes.

e-learning also provides numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs while changing the entire way of human interaction, they observed.

On the sidelines of the ITCN Asia 2009, the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority (RAKFTZ) organised a seminar on ‘how to set up your business in the UAE’ that attracted a good number of participants.

Luca Gorlero, Marketing Director of RAKFTZ, said the entire balance of world trade and production was shifting from the Group of Seven to the emerging seven (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Taiwan and Korea) posing new challenges to Asia and South America.

Giving the reason for organising a seminar for Pakistani businessmen in Karachi, he said some 285 Pakistani companies have already chosen RAKFTZ for their businesses.

Recognising the importance of more investment from Pakistani companies “we have come to Pakistan because without doing notable efforts we have got 285 companies, imagine what result we get when we invite them to their own country,” he said.

There are 106 nationalities and over 7,000 companies registered in RAKFTZ. Some 1,750 companies registered only in 2008, manifesting their trust in the zone, he added.

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