Thursday, August 6, 2009

NComputing to display ultra low-cost computing solutions

Pin It KARACHI (August 06 2009): NComputing (use the standard opening) will demonstrate their latest award-winning ultra low-cost computing solutions at ITCN Asia 2009, which is being held at the Karachi Expo Centre from August 11 to 13. Organised by the PSEB, Ministry of Information Technology ITCN is one of Asia's biggest international information technology and telecom shows.

"NComputing virtual desktops are taking the world by storm," said Manish Sharma, VP of NComputing APAC. "We already have customers in over 140 countries, including India, Mexico, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Macedonia, and now in Pakistan. It is hard to avoid this trend: our customers typically slash their computing costs by 50 percent, maintenance by 70 percent, and electric consumption by 90 percent.

"The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today's computers are so powerful that the vast majority of applications use only a small fraction of the computer's capacity. NComputing enables a single computer to be virtualised so that many users can tap the unused capacity and share it as if each person had their own computer.

Each user enjoys a full desktop experience by connecting his own monitor, keyboard, and mouse to an NComputing access device, which is then connected to the shared computer. Unlike other desktop virtualisation solutions, the patented and highly efficient NComputing desktops deliver rich multimedia and full-screen video. The devices use just 1 watt of electricity which also reduces the need for air conditioning and expensive uninterruptible power supplies.

NComputing's desktop virtualisation has revolutionised the education system in Macedonia, where every student in that country is getting access to a computer through this technology. And in India, Andhra Pradesh government's decision to deploy NComputing's low-cost and eco-friendly solution establishes them as an innovator in educational computing and a model for other governments considering similar projects.

The programme provides computing access for the first time to 1.8 million schoolchildren throughout the state. The solution works very well in enterprise and corporate environments, in call centres, banks, hospitals, educational institutions and most other working places.-PR

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