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Ufone sms Buddies Review

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Welcome to the SMS Buddies web interface. Here you can manage your groups, friends and a lot more. You can also track and maintain a complete log of all your interaction details with your friends.

So whether you want to upload a profile picture, search for a friend or contact someone directly through call or SMS, join a chat room or even view ongoing conversation, this is where you need to be. Log in at now and join the fun!

ID to ID Call:

The ID to ID call feature will now allows you to talk to each other over IVR without disclosing your number. The feature can also be used to call any other Ufone friends, e.g. if you lose a contact or handset or can’t remember someone’s number, simply SMS the command CALL to 9393 e.g. Call Amber and send it to 9393.

Mechanics of the service are as follows:

-SMS CALL to 9393 e.g. Call Saima26. On sending the request, you will receive an SMS, “Your call request has been sent successfully. You will receive a notification once your request is accepted”

-Your friend will receive a request that “ has requested to call you through Ufone SMS Buddies. To accept the call without revealing your number, reply with Y”. On replying with Y, your friend will receive an SMS that “You have successfully approved request to call you. You will soon receive a call from 09393. Please attend that call to connect to your friend.

-# You will receive an SMS that “Your friend has accepted your call request. Please call back or dial to initiate the call”.

-When you call on the given code, your friend will receive a call from the ID 09393.


All SMS to 9393 will be charged Re. 1+tax/SMS. These charges apply when A party sends CALL to 9393 and when B party accepts the request by replying with ‘Y’.

IVR charges are Rs. 2+tax/min

Terms and Conditions:

-If A has blocked B by using the MUTE command, A will not receive any messages or call requests from B. Similarly, to block requests from a certain user, the MUTE command can be used.
-The IVR code will be applicable only till the call is successfully connected. There is however, one exception to this rule. If you initiate a call and then hang up as the phone is ringing on the other side, in this case the call will not remain valid.
-Users who have created a private profile will not receive a call request from anyone
-The service is for all registered users of Ufone SMS Buddies only. New users can register to the service by sending REGISTER command to 9393
-This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpaid)
-The service is accessible on all handsets

For the first time in Pakistan, now you can not only have a group conversation with your friends through SMS but also share a video, picture or audio file with all members in your group through MMS! With Ufone SMS Buddies, you can actually share a multi media file with your group of friends and enjoy discussing the file together through SMS. Note the following simple steps and get started!

How do I send MMS to my Ufone SMS Buddies group?

-Compose a multi media message in your handset
-Attach the image/video clip/sound clip that you want to send to all the group members
-KarachiIn the text part of the MMS, write m e.g. m mbafriends my work station! And send the MMS to 9393. Please note that the command m does not have to be written in the “subject” box but in the text body.In some MMS supported handsets, there will be no text box. In such handsets, select 'media object', add a 'text object' and write M command in that text object
-Send the MMS to 9393 and it will be sent to everyone in the group
-All members of the group will receive the MMS from short code 9393.
-You can then comment on the picture or start a discussion by using the command m on 9393

Please note that the sender and receiver need to have an MMS supporting, GPRS enabled handset to send or receive MMS. The service is not available on BlackBerry.

PrePay Pospay

Sender Rs. 3/ 64 KB plus tax Rs.5 /64 KB plus tax

Receiver Re. 1/ 64 KB plus tax Rs.5 /64KB plus tax

Please note if a group consists of five members, user will be charged only Rs.3/Rs. 5 (depending on Prepay/Postpay) per 64 KB once, not five times. All charges mentioned above are exclusive of tax.


We have added a chat room named “Gallery” in which you can post an MMS e.g. a picture, an audio file or a video of up to 300 KB. This feature will help you introduce yourself to other members in the chat room e.g. you can share your own picture on the chat room or an audio file with a message recorded in your own voice.
This chat room will allow you to interact with other people by sending both SMS and MMS messages. To send an MMS in this chat room, will simply write m in the text part of the MMS e.g. m Gallery1 She’s my favourite! Any other Angelina Jolie fan in here?. To join “Gallery”, simply SMS Chat to 9393 and chose to join chat room named “Gallery”.

Charges for sending/receiving MMS in the chat room will be the same as mentioned above for Group MMS. Please note that users cannot send MMS in the other chat rooms like Islamabad, Lahore, URock etc.

click here” for MMS Related FAQ’s

Ufone SMS Buddies

Ever felt disconnected from your circle of friends thanks to your hectic routine? Ever wished for the solace of a dear friend during a grueling schedule? If yes, then Ufone has the answer to your prayers. Ufone, yet again, brings an innovative and exciting new service especially for U! You no longer need to carry your laptop around to stay connected to your friends anymore.
With Ufone SMS Buddies - the first SMS Social Network in Pakistan - you can create groups of up to 20 friends, send an SMS/MMS to all in a single click and have joint conversation through SMS!

That’s not all you can also update your Facebook Status or get Facebook Notifications on your Ufone through SMS! So sign up for Ufone SMS Buddies now and create your own friends community!

How do I register to Ufone SMS Buddies?

You can register to this service through SMS or through Ufone SMS Buddies Facebook application. To register through SMS, simply type Register and send it to 9393. For example, Register Sana87 Or Register Alikhan Or Register Devil45 . You can also create your profile and by sending UPDATE to 9393.

How do I communicate in Groups?

Through Ufone SMS Buddies, you can create public or private groups of up to 20 friends and have a joint conversation with them through SMS or MMS. You can also search for also connect with people sharing similar interests, activities and hobbies through the public groups. You can send the following commands to 9393 @ Re. 1 plus tax per SMS.

-To create a group, type Create e.g. create football or create alifriends and send it to 9393
-To add friends to your group, SMS INVITE to 9393
-To send message to a group, SMS m to 9393 e.g. m alifriends Everyone in for the picnic on Sunday?
-To send MMS to your group, compose an MMS and type m in the text part of the MMS and send it to 9393
-To search for groups or people, SMS SEARCH to 9393
-Your browser may not support display of this image.

-To join an existing group, simply type Join and send it to 9393. Once you join a group, you will receive all messages that are being sent to that particular group and can reply to that group
-To kick a member from your group, type Kick or Kick and send it to 9393
-To list members of a specific group, type List and send it to 9393
-To stop receiving messages from a group temporarily, send Mute to 9393. At any time, you can unmute the group by sending Unmute to 9393.

Please note that a maximum number of people that can be added in a group are 20. Only Ufone users can send messages to the Ufone SMS Buddies groups.

However, non-Ufone subscribers can be added to the groups but these subscribers will have to accept the invitation through Facebook application only Users of other networks can receive the SMS once they accept the request through Facebook application but they cannot send a message in the group.

For detailed list of commands that you can use on Ufone SMS Buddies, “
click here


With Ufone SMS Buddies “Chat Rooms” you can connect with new people sharing similar interests, activities and hobbies. Simply SMS CHAT to 9393 and join any of the following chat rooms:

Love Chat
Common Room
Funny SMS
Movies & Music

You can also view a user’s profile by sending PROFILE to 9393 and can also send one to one message to any user by sending m to 9393. You can also add a person from the chat room to your “Favorite” List”.
Once you add a person to your favorite list, you will receive alert whenever that person joins a chat room and you will also get an option to join the same chat room.
At a time a maximum of 20 people can join a chat room. To know who else is in the group, simply SMS List to 9393 e.g. List Islamabad5 to 9393.


With Ufone SMS Buddies also brings Facebook to your mobile. You can update your Facebook status through SMS and even get Facebook Notifications on your Ufone!

How do I update my Facebook Status?

To update your status though Ufone SMS Buddies, you need to install the Facebook Application from this link and activate the feature by clicking the yellow box on top of the application.
It is recommended that you bookmark the application so that you can access it easily anytime. After installing the application, simply send STATUS to 9393 and your Facebook status will automatically be and send it to 9393 or Unmute updated. Charges to update Facebook Status are Re. 1 plus tax per SMS.

Facebook Notification Alerts

Now you can receive Facebook Notification alerts directly on your Ufone!

To activate this feature through SMS:

-You will receive a confirmation SMS. Reply to that SMS to confirm subscription
-To activate this feature, you will have to install the Ufone Facebook Application from and click on the tab “Get Facebook Notifications”
-To stop receiving alerts, send Notifications Off to 9393

To activate the feature through Facebook:

-Your browser may not support display of this image. Install the Facebook application through the following link:
-Click the tab “Get Facebook Notifications” and then select the tab “I want to receive Facebook Notification Alerts through SMS”.
-On clicking the tab, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Reply to that SMS to confirm subscription
-You will get alerts whenever they receive a new Friend Request, Event Invitation, New Message (inbox), new wall message, poke notification and group request.


Your browser may not support display of this image. Subscription charges to receive alerts for one month are Rs. 10/- + tax.

-This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpay)
-The service is accessible on all kinds of hand sets
-Charges are exclusive of taxes
-Maximum number of friends that can be added to this network are 50
-Maximum number of people that can be added in a group are 20
-Only Ufone subscribers can send messages to the Ufone SMS Buddies Network through SMS. Users can add non-Ufone subscribers but Non-Ufone subscribers can accept the friend request through the Facebook Application only.

Users of other operators will receive the Shouts and Group conversations but cannot reply to the messages through SMS. They can reply through the Facebook Application only which has a limit of sending at max 5 SMS per day.

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