Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Intel lauched Intel Atom Developer programme for independent software vendors

Pin It To encourage the creation of innovative applications for Intel Atom processor-based products, Intel Corporation recently

launched the Intel Atom Developer Programme for independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers.

The programme provides a framework for developers to create and sell software applications for netbooks with support for handhelds and smart-phones available in the future.

Through the programme, developers seeking to reduce overhead and streamline the creation of new applications may also license development tools and application modules directly from other independent developers and ISVs. "We want to fuel the growth of Intel Atom-based products designed for the mobile lifestyle," said Renee James, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Intel Software and Services Group.

"The netbook has become one of the most popular consumer devices in the market today, but its true potential has been limited by applications that are not optimised for its mobility and smaller screen size. The Intel Atom Developer Programme provides a great opportunity for developers to create useful and inventive applications that will unlock a netbook's potential while opening a new sales and distribution channel."-PR

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