Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ufone Regional Portal...

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In yet another example of recognition of its customers’ choice and needs, Ufone introduces ‘Regional Portal’ for its Pushto, Punjabi, Siraiki and Sindhi speaking customers.

Ufone Regional Portal is an IVR service that will entertain the Pushto, Punjabi, Siraiki and Sindhi speaking customers with a variety of categories and let them stay updated on latest news, enjoy folk music, jokes, recipes, poetry, literature and much more in Pushto, Punjabi, Siraiki and Sindhi.

How to use this service:

Dial 1315 and in the IVR main menu, you will get the following options

-Press 1 for Punjabi Rung
-Press 2 for Pukhtowali
-Press 3 for Sindhi
-Press 4 for Siraiki.

Punjabi Rung

-Press 1 for Latest News
-Press 2 for Punjabster.
-Press 3 for Bhangra Music
-Press 4 for Shayri Corner
-Press 5 for Useful Household, Health and Beauty Tips.
-Press 6 for Recipes.


-Press 1 for Latest News in Pushto.
-Press 2 for Entertainment Zone
-Press 3 for the Hujra section.
-Press 4 for Khawateen ki Dunya.

Sindhi Service

-Press 1 for Latest News in Sindhi.
-Press 2 for Entertainment.
-Press 3 for Poetry n Folk Stories n Folk Songs
-Press 4 for Women Section

Siraiki Service

-Press 1 for Latest News in Siraiki.
-Press 2 for Entertainment.
-Press 3 for Poetry and Religious Literature
-Press 4 for Women Section


You will be charged Rs. 5/- per minute+tax

Terms and Conditions:

-This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpaid).
-The service is accessible on all kinds of hand sets.
-Charges are exclusive of taxes
-19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies

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