Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jazz Voice and SMS Bundles Offer

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Voice + SMS Bundles
Whether it’s making calls or sending SMS, only Jazz gives you the best offers so you can have bundles of fun! Now, for the first time in Pakistan, feast yourself with an all-in-one bundle offer, with which you can subscribe to SMS and free outgoing minutes – and enjoy great savings too. SMS any network and call any Mobilink number by choosing a Voice + SMS Bundle that best suits your pocket and usage.

-19.5% FED apply on the above mentioned prices
-Minutes are for calls to Mobilink only and SMS are for all networks across Pakistan
-This is a limited time offer

Subscription Process
Process 1:

For Daily Bundle: Enter *101*1*03# on mobile screen and press send
For Weekly Bundle: Enter *101*1*04# on mobile screen and press send

Process 2:

Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu
Press 6 for New features
Press 3 to purchase and hear information on Free Minutes and SMS

Balance / Status Inquiry of Minutes & SMS
For balance inquiry of Free SMS Enter *101*2# on mobile screen and press send.

Get Bundle Information
For Daily Bundle: Enter *101*3*03# on mobile screen and press send
For Weekly Bundle: Enter *101*3*04# on mobile screen and press send

How can I use the Minutes in these bundles?
You can use the minutes of these bundles for making calls to any number on Mobilink network at any time of any day.

Can I use the SMS in these bundles to send SMS to other networks or PTCL numbers?
Yes! These new and improved bundles allow you to send an SMS to whoever you want, irrespective of their network. For any other information regarding the available bundles you can enter *101*3*03# or *101*3*04# and press send for information regarding bundle 1(daily) or bundle 2(7 days) respectively.

How can I check whether my bundle is still valid?
To check the validity of your purchased bundles

Enter *101*2 # and press send
OR Simply dial 121, press 6, and then press 3

How can I check the number of Minutes & SMS I still have left from my bundle?
To check balance of Minutes & SMS left in your account
Enter *101*2 # and press send
OR Simply dial 121, press 6, and then press 3

How much will I be charged if I want to call or send an SMS once my bundle has either expired or finished?
You will be charged as per your package’s tariff rate for calls or an SMS. To find details of your package and tariff, simply SMS PP to 300 (Rs. 2+tax).

When will the Minutes & SMS of the Voice + SMS Bundles be awarded?
Free Minutes and SMS will be awarded instantaneously upon subscription if you have the required balance in your account for the chosen bundle.

will happen if I subscribe to a another voice + SMS bundle before the first finishes or expires?
In case of multiple subscriptions, the validity will be greater of the two bundles and number of Minutes and SMS of both the bundles will be added together.
For example,
On 5th of July you have 10 Minutes & 5 SMS left in your account that expire on 10th of July. You subscribe to Rs. 20 bundle that gives you 20 Minutes and 50SMS with 1 day validity. The total Minutes and SMS in your account would now be 30 Minutes and 55 SMS valid till 10th of July

Can Free SMS be used for short codes?
No, free SMS cannot be used for sending messages to short codes/VAS services.

Will my minutes and SMS still be usable if I switch to some other Jazz Package?
Your Voice + SMS bundle will be applicable if you switch to any Jazz Package. When you convert to a different Jazz package you will be able to avail the Minutes and SMS you have remaining. Please note that the bundle will remain active subject to its validity period irrespective of what package you are using.

Can I still subscribe to the old SMS bundles?
The old SMS bundles would no longer be available for subscription. If you had already subscribed to the old bundles, you will be able to use all the remaining SMS until they are finished, but will not be able to subscribe to those bundles again.

Can I still call and send SMS from my bundle if my account goes zero?
Yes. Customers can still call and send SMS if their bundle is still valid and if free SMS still remain, irrespective of your account balance.

What will happen to my Free Minutes or Free SMS that I have received through other Jazz Promotions, after I purchase a Voice + SMS bundle?
You can continue to enjoy the other Free Minutes and Free SMS separately from bundle minutes and SMS.

If minutes of my bundle have finished, can I continue to use the SMS? Or vice versa?
Yes, you can continue to use the SMS as long as your bundles is not expired. And vice versa as well.

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