Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PTA has advised the mobile operator to visit CSC to get their SIM data Corrected

Pin It ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised the mobile phone subscribers to visit

Customers Services Centre (CSC) of concerned mobile operator and get their SIM(s) data corrected. The PTA has also requested the subscribers’ cooperation in streamlining of the SIMs data.

The PTA has recently introduced a new service named “SIM Information System - 668” to enable the mobile subscribers to know the total number of the SIMs issued against their names with each mobile operator by sending their CNIC number to 668. It has been observed that mobile users after getting information through this service contact the operator’s help-line service to know the details of those numbers, which have been issued against their CNIC without their knowledge. The PTA has stated that the users may visit the CSC of concerned mobile operator to resolve this issue. In order to get the data corrected, for further action, mobile users would personally visit the CSC of the concerned operator and fill an undertaking by listing all the SIMs/numbers in their use and would get the unwanted numbers withdrawn from their names. The CSC should return a copy of this undertaking to the customer.

The PTA had now made it compulsory for all mobile users to have their SIMs registered in their names. The unauthorized SIM owners have been advised to register the SIM in their names within seven days of notification from concerned Customer Services Center otherwise their calling facility would be stopped after thirteen days and the SIM would be completely blocked after seventeen days of that notice. It was pertinent to mention that data currently available is updated till Jan 31 2009, which should be updated with regular intervals.

The PTA had launched this service to facilitate the mobile users and secure their data. The authority had said that without the cooperation of mobile subscribers the benefits of this service could not be achieved at desired levels. The PTA was aware of the fact that there was limited number of CSCs and unavailability of CSCs in some cities and towns therefore a lot of rush is expected. The service would be expanded to more cities and towns in the subsequent phases, after devising appropriate methods, in consultation with mobile companies. Since this facility involves consumer identity protection thus great care was being taken in devising methods of confirmation. staff report

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