Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warid Missed Call Alerts

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Now whenever your phone is busy‚ switched off or out of coverage‚ you can rest assured that as soon as you are back in coverage‚ you will be instantly informed about all your missed calls via SMS. With Missed Call Alerts‚ you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you can miss calls but never lose out on them!

Warid now also offers the MCA service to its Prepaid Users and offers free service activation for first month

Key Features

-Available on both Warid Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers

-Instant delivery of Missed Call Alerts upon subscriber availability

-Alerts carry calling party’s name if number is saved in subscriber’s phone book

-One alert per missed call‚ ensuring ease of returning calls

-Permanent storage of Missed Call Alerts for future reference

How To Subscribe:

To activate the service, type ‘MCA ON’ in a SMS and send it to 129.


Monthly subscription for Postpaid Users: Rs.30+tax
Monthly Subscription for Prepaid Users: Rs. 10+tax.

How To Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe the service, type ‘MCA OFF’ in a SMS and send it to 129.



How to Temporarily Deactivate

Disable by setting call forwarding/diverting to 103 (in your handset call settings menu).

How to Reactivate

Set Call Forwarding/diverting to 103 (in your handset call settings menu).

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