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New Prepay packages of EVO your wireless internet conectivity

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PTCL Introducing three exciting New Evo Prepay Packages

Experience the evolution of the broadband revolution with PTCL Evo - the ultimate solution for high speed internet access on the move. Just plug and play or work at home, in the office or anywhere in between. There’s no end to your imagination nor to what you can do with Evo.

•Superior 3G experience.
•Broadband Internet in your pocket
•Unlimited downloads!
•EV-DO Roaming in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad/Rawalpindi - Nationwide Roaming through automatic switch over to 1 X in non EVDO Coverage areas.
•Average download speeds from 300 kbps to 500 kbps!
•Access rich media applications like live video streaming, web casts, online games and a host of other applications.
•USB Interface - Compatible with Desktops & Laptops.
•Plug & Play - Instant Connectivity

To place your order call 0800-8-0800, visit our Sales Locations

•Enhanced 3G network technology for faster downloads and browsing.
•Mobility/ Portability: Internet on the go - whenever and wherever
•High speed internet experience: Supports entertainment services such as music, video streaming, images/ videos/ files sharing etc.
•Simplicity: Faster deployment, easy to move
•Provides superior Value and Quality of service through Reliable, Secure, High-availability network
•Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista/Mac OS.

Never Before Speed:
With PTCL Evo Wireless Broadband’s 3G network technology you now have access to internet at super fast speeds using the new USB Modem & PCMICA card.

Internet on the Go:
You now have the convenience of being able to access PTCL Evo Wireless Broadband from wherever you are.

Plug and Play:
All you now need to do is just plug the USB Modem/PCMICA into your Laptop / Desktop PC and you are ready to access a whole new world of high-speed internet connectivity.

Unlimited Downloads:
With Evo Wireless Broadband you get Unlimited Downloads! There is no limit to the amount of data you can download or upload. Since there is no limit to your imagination so why should there be any limit to what you can do with Evo!

Hassel free/Wireless:
With Evo sleek and stylish devices, you are now completely free from wires.

USB Interface:
With the USB port interface you can now simply plug the USB Modem device into either a Laptop or your Desktop PC and get ready to access high-speed internet connectivity.

Multifunctional Device:
The device also supports your Laptop / Desktop PC earphone and microphone. By inserting a Vfone RUIM you can use your Evo device to make/receive voice calls or send/receive SMS.

Prepaid Packages
PTCL Introducing three exciting New Evo Prepay Packages


Prepaid FAQs
1.Q: What is Evo Prepay?

A: Evo Prepay is a prepaid wireless broadband Internet service from PTCL.

2.Q: What card do I need to recharge by account?
A: You can recharge your account by using PTCL Vfone scratch card.

3.Q: How do I recharge my Evo Prepay Account?
A: To recharge your account simply open the “soft phone” from your Evo Software and dial 1015. Press 1 after language selection to recharge your account. Enter your 13 digit Vfone recharge voucher number. Repeat the process to recharge more balance.

4.Q: How do I recharge my account balance?
A: To check your account balance, simply open the “soft phone” from your Evo Software and dial 1015. Press 2 after language selection to check the remaining balance in your account.

5.Q: How can I change my Evo Prepay Package?
A: Currently Package change is not allowed on Evo Prepay.

6.Q: Can I change from Postpay Packages to any Evo Prepay Package?
A: Sorry; currently Package change is not allowed.

7.Q: What is the validity of Evo Lite Package?
A: Evo Lite package is valid for 30 days. You must use your 50 free hours in 30 days as they will not be rolled over to the next month.

8.Q: What will be the charges in Evo Lite Package after the first 50 hours?
A: You will be charged Rs.21/hour after the first 50 hours of usage.

9.Q: What is the validity of Evo Max Package?
A: Evo Max package is valid for 30 days. The validity starts from the first time you connect to the internet. There is no data volume download limit within these 30 days.

10.Q: What is the validity of Evo DayPass Package?
A: Evo DayPass package is valid for 24 hours. The validity starts from the first time you connect to the internet. There is no data volume download limit within these 24 hours. You will be charged Rs.100/day only for the days you use your Evo connection.

11.Q: In Daypass package, is Rs.500 card valid for 5 consecutive days or subscriber can select any days of the month?
A: Day pass package charges are deducted at the time subscriber connects the internet and the package remains valid for next 24 hours. After the package expires there is no deduction unless the subscriber uses the service. The biggest advantage of this package is that the subscriber pays only for the days they use the service and the unused balance remains in their account till the validity of the card loaded.

12.Q: When will my Package Activation Charges be deducted?
A: Your package activation charges will be deducted the first time you connect to the internet after selecting your desired package. You must have enough balance in your account to start using your desired package at the time you connect.

13.Q: What is the billing cycle in prepay packages? Is it the first of every month?
A: Subscribers gets the full validity of 30 days (starting from the first connection) for EVO Max and EVO Lite package irrespective of the calendar dates. This gives subscriber complete freedom to enjoy prepay in true spirit.

14.Q: If I am out of balance, will I be charged for the time period I am not using the EVO Service?
A: Once the package expires (24 hours for DayPass, 30 days for EVO Max and EVO Lite), there is no deduction for the time period that you are out of balance and not using the EVO services. You can reactivate the service by recharging your account.

15.Q: What speed will I get on my Evo?
A: The maximum possible theoretical speed you can get on your Evo is 3.1MB (mega bits per second). However the actual download speed is dependent on multiple factors such as physical location, distance from tower, atmospheric noise, number of simultaneous users etc. The average download speed varies from 300 Kilobits per second to 600 kilobits per second.

16.Q: What if I am not satisfied with the service? Can I claim a refund?
A: We strive hard to ensure the high standards of quality that you expect from us. However in case you are not satisfied with the performance you can claim a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Please note in case of Evo Prepay only device charges are refunded. No refund can be claimed for any amount of balance that you might have loaded.

17.Q: What will happen if I get my Evo Prepay temporarily closed?
A: In case to get your Evo Prepay temporarily closed only the unutilized balance in your account will be carried forward. The already consumed balance will not be carried forward for the period you have your account temporarily closed.

Postpaid Packages


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yes but only in areas which is in their reach


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