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Ptcl Smart TV Now in 15 Cities of Pakistan

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Karachi - Lahore - Islamabad - Rawalpindi - Gujranwala - Faisalabad - Peshawar - Sialkot - Multan - Sargodha - Jehlum - Wah Cantt - Taxila - Hyderabad - Abbotabad

Launched for the first time in Pakistan using the flexible Internet Protocol (IP) technology, PTCL’s Smart TV is service which allows customer to be more interactive and more in control with their TV service as compared to conventional TV broadcast or cable TV. Smart TV delivers television programs to households via broadband connection and requires a subscription, a set-top box, and offers key advantages over existing cable TV. You will now be able to:

•Playback / Rewind live TV channels at any time
•Parental Lock facility on any channel
•Search and select favorite programs by using ‘Electronic Program Guide’. Viewers have full control over functionality such as rewind, fast-forward, pause, and so on.
•Watch DVD quality movies on demand from our library of over 500 titles.
•Watch 100 plus digital quality TV channels.

Features and Benefits of ‘Smart TV’
Smart TV provides advanced features and services that are not possible with traditional broadcast television systems. These advanced features include Time Shift Television (TSTV), Parental Control, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Global Television Channels, Video on Demand (VoD), Near Video on Demand (NVoD) and many more interactive features.

• Time Shift Television (TSTV)
Time Shift Television is an exciting feature that allows viewers to playback live TV channels at any time they want. So when the viewer misses an important part of a movie, a play or a sporting event, he can view it by ‘rewinding’ that particular channel (displaying the symbol ), watching the missed part and then coming back to live action. This function will be available to the TV viewers for the first time in Pakistan and only through the PTCL Smart TV service.

• Parental Control
This feature enables parents to restrict certain channels which are not suitable for juvenile viewing. Restriction is enabled by assigning a password to particular channel(s) thus empowering parents to control the content their children can watch.

• EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is an extremely responsive and feature-rich application that manages viewer interaction during channel and program selection. It is an on-screen guide to schedule broadcast television programs, allowing viewers to navigate, select, and discover content by time, title, channel, genre, etc, by use of their remote control. It also provides access to billing details, changing password and managing favorites.

• VOD (Video On Demand)
Video on Demand is a service that provides end users to interactively request and receive videos. VOD permits a customer to select a program from a catalogue using EPG (Electronic Program Guide). The play out of the selected movie starts nearly instantaneously on the customer's TV. A film that is chosen, for example, will be available for multiple viewing during 24 hours without any extra charge.

• NVOD (Near Video On Demand)
NVOD is another exciting feature working like a community TV Channel. A number of channels are allocated for NVOD. Popular or recently released movies and programs are played on NVOD channels and are available to all Smart TV viewers. Difference between VOD & NVOD is that VOD is a personalized service catering only to individual needs, on payment whereas NVOD is like community cinema available to all Smart TV customers at no extra cost. In case of NVOD channels, customer feedback plays a pivotal role in content selection.

Smart Line Tariff / Package Details:

VOD service is being charged to all existing and new Smart TV customer with the following two options:

A). Rs 25 per movie for 24 Hours; Customers can subscribe to a movie at Rs 25 and can watch/re-watch that movie multiple times within the next 24 Hours

B). Rs 300 fixed per month for any 30 movies of their choice and available in the list within a period of one month. This is a value added bulk discounted package. Each movie will cost Rs 10 to the customer.

Key Highlights:

A). Package option ‘a’ will be activated on all existing and new Smart TV Connections.

B). Package option ‘b’ can be activated by calling at the PTCL contact center at 0800-80-800.

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