Saturday, October 3, 2009

ZONG Entrepreneur Program Review

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For the first time in Pakistan ZONG has established a concrete earning opportunity for students. Most educational institutes in Pakistan would be a part of this program through the appointment of ZONG’s Ambassadors, specifically in cities where Customer Service Centers are operational. These ambassadors will have sufficient knowledge about Zong and all of its products and will create awareness among the students by not only offering them to migrate to Zong’s network but also by offering different products like New Activation or recharging a currently owned Zong connection. These Ambassadors will become a part of the Zong Family with only a small deposit of Rs. 1000. In return of which they will get one free gold number, a telesales Sim through which they will perform Zong Sales, 5 Zong Sims and a Miniload worth Rs. 600 (The stated items are worth Rs.1650). In addition, this ambassadorship will add great value to their Resume as this would give them hands on sales experience.

Interested applicants can get themselves registered as ZONG Ambassadors by filling an online form (link given below) or getting themselves registered at their respective Customer Service Centers. On confirmation and issuance of ID, ZONG’s Ambassadors would get their first issuance through their respective Customer Service Center. ZONG’s Ambassadors can offer the following services.

-Sell New Connections
-MNP (change to Zong’s Network), MNP SIMS will be delivered Free of Cost
-Miniload (balance top up)

Why take up this offer? What are the incentives?
Zong has come up with an exceptional incentive plan which would not only lead to recovering the initially spent Rs. 1000 but also make more than 100% profit on sales.

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