Saturday, October 10, 2009

Telenor Brings SMS Translator...Lost in Translation? No Need to worry

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Multiple Languages.
Eloquent in service.

Lost in translation? No need to Worry. Telenor brings SMS Translator; the service that allows you to translate any phrase from one supported language to another.

Just specify the destination language and receive the translation in the characters of the destination language and in roman characters.

For example,
if ‘How are you?’ is to be translated in Mandarin, then the translation will be provided in the Mandarin Text as well as in roman characters:

English Text: How are you?
Mandarin Text: 您好吗?
Roman Text: nin hao ma

Start using the Telenor SMS Translator now by messaging to 808 in the following format:
‘destination language codeSentence’
Send ‘Ar How are you?’ to 808

You will receive the Arabic translation of ‘How are you?
The Telenor SMS Translator is supported by 14 languages. The codes are based on the first two characters of the name of each language.

SMS Charges: Rs 3+tax

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